I adopted a kitten from you 2 weeks ago, Minnie.  I had an adult cat Ferdinand who had reacted poorly to other cats in the past so I was really worried about the introduction. Falsely as it turns out. Ferdinand loves his new sister who I’ve named Isabella. He even stood up to my parents dog that was visiting! He’s never stood up to her before but as soon as she so much as sniffed Izzie he descended like a guardian angel. With claws. He gives her baths and they play all the time. He’s never hissed at her or shown any aggression! They even cuddle up to sleep! Though I don’t have a picture of it since as soon as I turn he light on they move apart! He absolutely loves her. And I love her to pieces too. She’s got quite the personality. 4 pounds of sass is what my family says. She’s also loving as all get out. Follows me around the apartment.