We are currently doing adoptions by appointment only!

Adoption appointments are available during the week and on Saturdays.  Kitten appointments are generally done on Saturdays, since our kittens are living in foster homes.  Adult appointments are available during the week or on Saturdays.  Dog adoptions are also by appointment.  Available animals are posted on Facebook and/or the website.  The first step is to fill out an application on our website.

The placement team will review the application and contact you about the new adoption process.

Every one of our cats and dogs are cared for by our dedicated staff of volunteers. We spend a lot of time getting to know their personalities, quirks, likes, and dislikes. We take pride in our thorough adoption process and work hard to find forever homes for all our animals. Our all-volunteer placement team commit themselves to making the best matches we can with the wonderful people, like you, who have decided to give a new life to some of Connecticut's abandoned, abused, and stray cats and dogs. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and paws for opting to adopt! You can find more information about our cat and dog adoption processes below.

Please complete POA's online adoption application on a PC or laptop. A completed application forwarded by a cell phone or a MAC may not be delivered.

Adopting a Cat

Kitten and adult cat appointments are offered on Saturdays.  Appointments to meet adult cats are also available during the week.  If you would like to meet a specific adult cat/kitten we will put the cat/kitten on hold for you and schedule an appointment.  If you prefer to meet a few available adult cats, we do offer “multiple cat appointments.”  We cannot guarantee that a specific cat will be available at a multiple cat appointment.  Multiple cat appointments are not offered for kittens.  You must have an approved application before you can schedule an appointment.

The placement team will review your application and will keep you updated on the status of your application.  Once your application is approved you will be able to request an appointment.  Available felines are on Facebook and the website.  All communication regarding appointments and available felines will be by email.  Please do not call the phone line as the phone team does not have access to that information.

Please have an adoption application on file with us before you arrive.

Why do we ask so many questions?  Well, at Protectors of Animals we reserve the right to choose the adopter that is the best match for our cat or kitten, so we need to get to know you.   No one factor or answer is determinative, and a potential adopter who is not the best match for one cat may be the perfect fit for a different cat.  Among the things we may consider are: the temperament and confidence level of the animal; the experience level of the potential adopter; the existence and ages of any children or infants in the home; the existence, ages, and compatibility of any other pets in the home; the number of hours that the animal will be left alone; the number of people in the home; the age, behavior and health of the animal; any allergy, health or mobility issues of the potential adopter; the age of any potential adopter; any unusual dangers or risks in the home; and the social and financial resources that the potential adopter may have.  So yes we do ask a lot of questions- because our goal is both to find you the perfect companion and to find a permanent loving home for each of the animals in our care.

Please Note: If you are choosing to surrender your cat, we cannot accept walk-in or drop-off surrenders at any time. Please email the cat intake team at catintake@poainc.org or call 860 569-0722. Phone calls are preferred. Please include your town and your phone number. One of our volunteers will contact you to discuss options.

How much does it cost to adopt a feline and what is included?

  • Kittens (up to 6 months) $250 single/$400 pair
  • Youth (7 months to 2 years) $200 single/$300 pair
  • Adult (2 years to 7 years) $150 single/$250 pair
  • Senior and FIV+ $75

Our cats and kittens are neutered/spayed, treated for external and internal parasites and are vaccinated (age appropriately). They are also tested for FIV and FeLV.

We are here to offer and provide advice and support after the adoption date.

The first step is to browse the cats and kittens listed on this website.
Protectors of Animals, Inc. works hard to provide an accurate and up-to-date listing of our available felines.

The second step is to fill out our easy cat adoption form.
Our easy, two-page cat adoption application form is available at this link. Once it is received, it will be reviewed by one of our adoption counselors.

Adoption Process and Requirements:

  • After your application is approved, our adoption counselors will help you find the right match for your household.
  • You must present a valid driver's license or government issued photo ID with your current address and a copy of your lease (if you rent). Please ensure you bring this paperwork along to the adoption.
  • We do not authorize giving pets as gifts. The person who will be the owner of the new pet must be present and complete the adoption process.
  • You need to have a sturdy pet carrier at the time of picking up your pet.
  • The medical history of the cat will be explained to you, and you will receive all the original medical paperwork for your new pet.
  • Please allow approximately one hour to complete an adoption. This will include meeting the animals and filling out appropriate paperwork.

Thank you for choosing to rescue a cat or kitten, and thank you for coming to POA during your search.

Adopting a Dog

At Protectors of Animals, we take a very personal approach to our dog adoption process. We believe that the key to making a perfect and permanent dog-to-home match is to get to know both the dog and the prospective adopters as best we can. We work closely with our dogs to get a sense for the best home environments for them, and we engage prospective adopters in a personal conversation about your situation and what type of dog you're looking for. Each dog has an adoption counselor, who gets to know the dog very well, and who can consult with prospective adopters individually to address your needs as well as those of the dog. Perhaps you have questions about the dog that you'd like to ask before meeting them. Perhaps you have special needs - like someone who is allergic, or you have cats or another dog. Or perhaps you are simply diligent and rightfully particular about which dog you wish to spend the next 8 to 15 years of your life with. We like diligence! It leads to successful and permanent placements.

You'll want to meet the dog, of course, before making your choice. You should expect, and we will require, for you to come meet the dog as part of the process. But since we are all volunteers with Protectors of Animals, we keep our available dogs in local, private kennels around the Hartford area, where the dogs are housed and fed. The dogs are viewable by appointment only, following a consultation with the adoption counselor, and pending a completed application. We work hard to find the best match for our dogs and feel an important part of that is allowing you and the dog to meet each other before making the decision. We generally avoid doing same-day adoptions so that both parties have time to consider this significant commitment. We are always here to offer advice and provide support after the adoption day.

How much does it cost to adopt a dog and what is included?

  • $375 for an Adult dog
  • $475 for Puppies (11 months and younger)
  • $500 for a Bonded Pair

Special needs dogs and senior dogs may have a reduced suggested donation. This is evaluated on a case by case basis and if applicable will be noted in the dog's description.

All our dogs are neutered/spayed, microchipped, up-to-date on vaccinations, parasite preventative, and flea & tick treatment.

Our easy, online dog adoption application form is available at this link. Please fill this out and note which dog you are interested in on the application. This will go out to the adoption counselor and they will get back to you as quickly as possible. We are all volunteers and depending on the volume of applications it may take about a week to hear back.

Thank you for choosing to rescue a dog, and thank you for coming to POA during your search.

Phone: 860-569-0722
Email: michelle.p@poainc.org & anya.b@poainc.org

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