Protectors of Animals is run entirely by dedicated volunteers. There are plenty of opportunities to help! POA volunteers are people like you, who love animals. If you can donate your time, your help will be gladly appreciated! For more information call us at 860-569-0722.

Volunteering takes many forms:

  • Cat Rescue, Care and Placement
  • Dog Rescue, Care and Placement
  • Fundraising and grant writing
  • Bringing animals to schools, community groups, and senior centers to talk about animal care and the importance of spaying and neutering
  • Organization administration
  • Providing Foster Care
  • Younger than 18 can help by holding a tag sale, bake sale, school dance, car wash, etc.

We only accept shelter volunteers who are 18 or older -- no exceptions.

We do NOT accept:
-  court ordered community service
-  school project hours
-  people under 18, even if accompanied by an adult
-  less than a six month commitment