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Angelina is doing wonderful! We are getting along just fine. I couldn’t have found a better companion. I’ve already fallen in love with her. She is truly a blessing.


Baby is doing really well! I’m surprised at how good she transitioned, she’s with me all the time. Once in awhile something might spook her. But she’s come a long way.

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Watson is now fully integrated into the pack! And Woody has to contend with yet another cat in his bed.

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Truffles (a.k.a Curly)

Curly has been a very fluffy good boy. We renamed him Truffles and he plays so much he forgets to sleep. Our other cat, Trixie, the resident cat, has slowly been getting along better with him. When we brought Truffles to his forever home, he made himself home in exactly ten minutes. He used the...

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We adopted Luna and she’s doing really well! Our son (and all of us) adore her. After a half day of exploring, she’s made herself totally at home. She eats well, plays, and finds the comfiest nap nooks. She’s comfortable and we love having her as part of the family! Thank you so much for...

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Justine whom we adopted last summer, and Theo whom we adopted this spring when he was named Timmy. They’ve been friends since about a week after meeting, and play a lot of chase-me, chase-you. Theo is just as friendly and sociable as you’d remember. Really a delightful friendly uncomplicated cat. And a talker! He tells...

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Our sweet Ellie girl has grown so much since we adopted her this February. She has turned from a frightful, quiet cat, hiding in the corner, (or up on the shelf) trying to be as small as possible, to a lovable goofball. Ellie loves to play! She has many balls and mice she loves to...

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