Hemingway is settling into his new home.  His first afternoon home, he felt comfortable enough falling asleep while I was on the bed with him! He also seems to relish playtime and mealtime. He’s even tried extending a literal (& figurative) paw under the door at his future feline brother. Hemingway hasn’t meowed-he purrs and hums!

Max (a.k.a. Rafi)

Rafi is now called Max (for Maximus because he’s massive), and he responds to the name. He’s so perfect and is such a sweet love.  He’s already comfortable  in his new home and didn’t make a peep on the ride home. Actually, he seemed to enjoy the car ride! Fun fact about Max: he is able to open doors while standing on his hind legs like a human. We will be installing some new sliding locks, as he has opened the door to the coat closet, linen closet, front entry way, and the office so far.  


Maserati is definitely feeling comfortable in his forever home and he gets along well with his 2 siblings.  


It’s Midnight here. I just wanted to thank you all for taking care of me and finding me such a great home. I have a room all to myself! My new vet says I look great. I’ve never felt better and want to play allll the time. My favorite toys are simple ones… string and the laser pointer.  I’m still trying to get used to having a clean water bowl and prefer my drinks straight from the tap Laterz, Midnight

Armani (a.k.a Latte)

Armani (new name Latte), is such a sweet boy. He settled right in without any issue and has slept in bed with us each night since coming home. He generally gets along great with our 17 month old. We feel so lucky to a found such a sweet guy to welcome us home each day. 

Appa and Hermione

  It’s now been about 6 months since we’ve adopted Appa and Hermione. Appa has made a great transformation. We found out he is part Maine Coon/Himalayan so, naturally, we have to clean up after his hair all the time. But that’s okay because he’s beautiful.  Hermione and Appa are the best of friends. Appa is a little overbearing at times (as in the video) but they love each other quite a bit. Fun facts: Hermione chirps instead of meows (kind of like a strangled meow, as if she’s a lifelong smoker) Appa stares at you to let you know it’s dinner time. He doesn’t meow. He doesn’t jump on you. He just stares at you. (See the penultimate photo for visual evidence.)


Lottie, formerly known as Casey, brightens all our lives with her shenanigans and is really SUCH a good girl! She loves her big brother Spirit too!