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Watson is doing great! He’s bonded with me and chirps and mrow-mrows when he sees me or anything he likes, including his catnip mice, rainbow cat charmer, food and his new friend Teddy. He LOVES two handed cheek rubs and chin rubs. He can be in the same room with the dog, although he keeps...

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Indigo (Indy), aka Marianna

Indigo (Indy), aka Marianna, is settling in very well.  She is eating well and enjoying exploring her new home. She slept near or on me all evening long.  What a little love, she is!

Night Fairy a.k.a called Penny

Night Fairy, now called Penny, was adopted on 10-5-2019,  she is a year old now. She is full of personality and is very bold.  She taught herself how to play fetch right away and she loves to carry objects around.  She is talkative and churps  all the time, like she is having a full on...

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Sadie Louise

Here is Sadie Louise in her new bed, napping by the window. She has lived in her forever home for 6 months now, and she is doing very well. She is quite the chatterer, a very sweet wee soul.

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Sam and Dean

The boys wanted to say hi and that they are adjusting to their new home very nicely! They are sweet boys. Sam (now Elwood) likes   to cuddle, loves to play with wand toys, and he has shown us his adorable wagging tail. Dean (now Jake) still loves his white fluff toy and also loves to play! 

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Maya is settling in well to her new home and she is a joy! Full of lovely cuddles, by my side, and still enjoying investigating the house from top to bottom.

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Spock (Figaro) and Kirk (Gideon)

It is three years this weekend that we adopted Spock (Figaro) on left, and Kirk (Gideon) on right. They are very loving, playful,  and very funny. Whoever fostered these two did a great job! We have two of the best cats, they follow us all over the house

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Jag and Bentley

As is my tradition on Jag and Bentley’s birthday I like to send you an email and recent photo of the boys.  Today they turn 8 years old! They are very happy, healthy boys.  Neither of them are lap cats but Bentley sits next to me on the couch and Jag has his moments when...

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Snowy a.k.a Snowball

Snowball was adopted July 21, 2018 and she turned 2 years old on 7/20/18.I renamed her “Snowy” and we totally love each!  Wherever I am, she’s close by, and she ends up sleeping  under my left arm, nightly.

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Inka and Prince

Inka settled in quickly. She still will only let Dave pick her up. Prince took about 2 weeks to come out of hiding. He picked me as his human.  He is very talkative and a snuggle bunny. They both love their treats. 

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