Night Fairy a.k.a called Penny

Night Fairy, now called Penny, was adopted on 10-5-2019,  she is a year old now. She is full of personality and is very bold.  She taught herself how to play fetch right away and she loves to carry objects around.  She is talkative and churps  all the time, like she is having a full on conversation with herself.  She loves to sleep with me at night and comes right up to my face so we are nose to nose, then she will go down by my feet.  Most times I wake up in the morning with cat toys next to me.  She has learned how to open my sliding barn door to the bathroom when my older cats would not even attempt it. 
It didn’t take her long to get along with my older cat either although she is a little pushy at times.  She got loose on me the first day and ran into the living room where the other cat was laying and nothing happened.  When I let her free the first time she did chase the big cat so I taught her how to wear a harness so I could control her.  Didn’t need it for long they get along fine now.  Big cat doesn’t like to always be bothered and she puts the kitten in her place.  Big cat (Abby) treats the kitten better than she does me.
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