It’s been 2 weeks now and Watson is almost completely integrated into the household. He and Teddy thunder through the house, chasing each other up and down stairs, then take a nap on the cat tree. They love playing in their cat tunnel and with their numerous other toys.  He now sleeps next to me on the pillow at night and hangs out with me when I’m doing something in the kitchen. He’s quite talkative and doesn’t hesitate to tell me what’s on his mind. He thinks the chef at this resort is inspired, providing a variety of tasty food whenever he wants some, and the concierge is always ready to accommodate his every desire. He and the dog are working things out but he hasn’t quite figured out that the dog is more curious than threatening when he comes up to sniff him. It took my old tortie several years to let the dog off probation, so it may be the same for Watson. He’s a great cat and we’re happy that he’s part of the family!

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