Our sweet Ellie girl has grown so much since we adopted her this February.

She has turned from a frightful, quiet cat, hiding in the corner, (or up on the shelf) trying to be as small as possible, to a lovable goofball.
Ellie loves to play! She has many balls and mice she loves to bat around and run after. But her favorite toy is her turbo ball. She spends hours spinning the ball, and when shes done, she loves using the scratcher to care for her nails, or as a cat bed.
When shes not playing, she has become our little shadow. She will follow us around the house, and Ellie loves watching me work. Sometimes she comes up and rubs herself against my legs just to show me know she is there. She still doesn’t meow, but she’ll give little, ‘brrrrttt!” noises of affection.
Ellie also loves lounging on the couch. She recently started to jump up on the couch to hang out with us! She enjoys cleaning herself and enjoying pets while we watch tv.
It’s been so rewarding watching Ellie learn to trust and bond with us, and we wanted to share her progress with you.   
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