Justine whom we adopted last summer, and Theo whom we adopted this spring when he was named Timmy.
They’ve been friends since about a week after meeting, and play a lot of chase-me, chase-you.
Theo is just as friendly and sociable as you’d remember. Really a delightful friendly uncomplicated cat. And a talker! He tells us stories each morning, and also mutters to himself when walking around the house.
The big recent change, though, has been in Justine. We found she was a lot more relaxed on our balcony outside, so let her join us when we eat there. There, we could do things she that would make her nervous indoors, like pet her back. Though if ever we picked up a broom, she was very scared; so we hid the broom and hose off the balcony instead. The calm has been coming indoors too; if she’s not in the mood for some kind of play or petting now, she usually just makes a single squawk then keeps purring. And she has snuggled while purring loudly with both my wife and me. Justine’s becoming the unanxious cat she wanted to be.
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