Dixie Belle

Name: Dixie Belle

Age: 7 years old

Breed: Standard Poodle mix

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Meet Dixie Belle!

She's my Dixie Belle! Just like the song lyrics, this is a lovely and sweet gal. Dixie Belle is a 7 year old Standard Poodle mix (supposedly her mother was known and our best guess is that there is German Shorthaired Pointer in there as well - we will be performing a DNA test on her for more information since she's not telling us who her daddy was). She weighs 35lbs and true to a Southern lady, is a polite and dainty gal. Dixie Belle wants nothing more than to spend time with her people - she will do best in a home where she will have human companionship most of the day. She is perfectly housetrained and loves to go for walks and play fetch with squeaky balls. Dixie Belle is used to being the only dog in the home, although she may consider sharing her space with a calm, friendly pup. She has happily shared space with older children as well. To learn how to make Dixie Belle your next 4-legged family member, please contact Tracey at tracey.d@poainc.org AND complete an application at www.poainc.org.



To inquire about adoption visit the dog bio's for adoption counselor contact info or call us at (860) 569-0722.  Please allow for up to one week to hear back regarding your application.

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