Name: Porter

Age: 4 months old

Breed: Pitbull Terrier/Boxer mix

Sex: Male

Size: Medium (35 lbs expected adult size)


Meet Porter!

Most beer enthusiasts know that a Porter is dark brown to black with notes of caramel and chocolate - that describes handsome puppy Porter's luxurious coat to a "T" 100%! This sweetheart is just 4 months old with a Pitbull Terrier momma and a Boxer poppa. He was the smallest of his litter and currently weighs just over 14lbs (it is hard to guess how big he will be fully grown, but our best guess is no more than 30-35lbs).

Porter is a spunky little dude who loves to play, play, play. He is also a world champion snuggler! Porter would be so happy to have furry canine siblings that like to romp and rough house (he ADORES his 70lb canine foster brother!). He is fine with kitties and kiddos as well.

If you are looking to add some Porter to your life (and who wouldn't?!), please email his adoption counselor Michelle at michelle.p@poainc.org and fill out an application at www.poainc.org.

To inquire about adoption visit the dog bio's for adoption counselor contact info or call us at (860) 569-0722.  Please allow for up to one week to hear back regarding your application.

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