Name: Tobi

Age: 2 years old

Breed: Chihuahua/Toy Fox Terrier  mix

Sex: Male

Size: X-small (5 lbs.)


Here's Tobi!

Meet Tobi! He is a 2 year old Chihuahua/Toy Fox Terrier and is a wee 5lbs. But don't let his tiny size fool you - this little guy has hutzpuh to the nth degree and a personality that fills a room! Tobi is a friendly, active pup that LOVES to play; this little mighty mouse will even play fetch with you with a tiny ball. Tobi is happy to get harnessed up and go for walks, but not when it's too cold (he's not a fan of winter, like many of us volunteers!). He is happy to get dressed up in sweaters and to snuggle under his blankets. He loves to be held, but not for too long - he's busy and has things to do! Tobi does not seem to mind small dogs (he previously lived with one), but is not a fan of bigger pups. If you are interested about learning how to make Tobi your next 4-legged family member, please contact Michelle at AND complete an application at


To inquire about adoption visit the dog bio's for adoption counselor contact info or call us at (860) 569-0722.  Please allow for up to one week to hear back regarding your application.

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