Here’s A Suzy Update

Hi Laura, How are you? I realized that I haven’t emailed you in forever with a Suzy update! She is doing great 🙂 She was a trooper through the really cold winter (but she did spend most of it wearing her pink sweater 🙂 and now she’s so happy to be going on longer walks. We just (finally) got a car, so it will be easier to bring her on trips to see our families and for other excursions! (although she was pretty well behaved on the T and commuter rails). She’s been perfectly healthy, with the small exception that she was diagnosed with chronic dry eye, so she gets an ointment in her eyes each morning. Poor Suzy isn’t a big fan of that, but she is getting used it it. Andrew and I are totally in love with her – she’s definitely our little fuzzy baby! I hope all is going well at POA! Megan  

Here’s Charlie’s New Haircut

I took Charlie to get a haircut today and was going to send you a picture. He looks adorable-like a little puppy! It was hard to leave him there for the morning but we both survived the separation. He even got to play with some other dogs there. The weather is slowly getting warmer here. He loves going for his walks. Especially when he can get an ice cream cone! I hope everyone is doing well. Charlie continues to be a joy and amazes everyone he meets. The groomer said he was endearing. That’s my little love bug!! Take care!   

Mel’s Update!!!!

Hi Jenn!   Just wanted to let you know how great Mel is doing. He’ s funny and affectionate and such a cuddler….I’m sending a couple of pictures…he was up at the table looking for scrambled eggs this morning!!    Happy spring, Linda  

Yogi AKA Maui 1 Year Update

Hi Laura,   We can’t believe we’ve had Maui a year. He has been such a joy. He and Alaska have become best friends, sleeping next to each other on their beds. Maui has made friends with both our cats, has picked Merlin, the male as his cat, often greeting him with a lick right up his face. He has changed the dimension of our home, most nights both dogs and cats sleep in our room. Dakota our female cat, feels comfortable enough to curl up on the bed with Maui and or Alaska. Maui still loves his toys, now he has tons, walking around with them in his mouth. Loves his walks, and has come along way with his manners. Everyone that meets him, loves him, and we absolutely adore him. We did not rescue him, he rescued us! Thanks for everything!!!  

Update on Popi

  Hi Laura, It’s only been a week but we’ve made huge improvements with Popi.  He no longer whimpers when you sometimes try to pet him.  He used to cry out loud and crouch down in a total submissive position, or he’d run and hide when he saw your hand coming near him to pet him.  That’s not happening any longer.   He’s now getting used to us putting the harness on him and walking on the lead.  It seems that he’s never actually been walked because he had no idea what we were trying to do.  He’s walking really well on the lead now.  He does have issues where he’s still popping and peeing in the house.  Thankfully, he mostly goes on the pee pads, but he has had accidents on the wood floor.   He doesn’t like to go for a walk at night, which is why he was having accidents while we slept.  He’s fearful of the dark, so we’re working on this with him and being very patient.  It’s apparent to us that he was abused and was never really house broken or taken on walks properly.  He was probably beat for having accidents in the house and then most likely just discarded.  We have no proof of this, just an assumption on our part based on his behavior, especially how he acted after he had an accident.  Poor little guy had a rough few years of his life. But he is now safe, in a stable environment and truly loved.  We’ll continue to work on the house-breaking and are confident that he’ll be able to learn to always go outside. After 1 week, Tata has given in and is finally accepting him as her little brother.  They’re now kissing each other, sleeping together and playing a lot.  Oh and he’s eating like a little piggy and has gained a little over a pound!  He’s the most loving and sweet dog. All he wants is to love and be loved and he’s getting that in abundance. Here’s a pic of Popi and Tata soaking up the sun together.

Bandit AKA Toby’s Update

Just wanted to send an update. Bandit (now Toby because Jayden was getting upset that no one could understand him when he tried to tell them his name. He chose Toby after his favorite character from Thomas and Friends, Toby the trolley car.) He has adjusted so well here. He’s attached to Jayden’s hip and Jayden is so happy.  He’s learned some basic commands, sit, lay down, roll over, shake, stay and leave it/drop it. He really is a smart dog. Leroy our male cat and him are buddies and surprisingly Mollie hasn’t tried to beat him up yet. They just ignore each other.  We still have some work to do to get him calmer at pet stores, but he does great on walks and loves meeting other dogs along the way. We can’t thank you enough and we’ll continue to send updates and pictures. Jaime


Ezri is great. Her transition was seamless and she is getting along with the others effortlessly. She has so much energy!  Kristen and I are very happy.