Holly is fitting in perfectly!


Just wanted to let you know that Rosie (a/k/a Butter) is off to a great start!  She is a delightful companion – following me from room to room.


As you can tell she made herself at home and is comfy here.  She come up to us and put her face in ours for a kiss. She is     so funny and her personality changed so much. She is a joy.


Smokey has been in his furever home for almost a year. He’s so much more settled and comfortable now.  He doesn’t run from me – he occasionally plays with Tux and he guards our home assiduously.  I think he might have been a guard dog in his last life. He spends most of his day in the cat tree. We have our lovey session after I’m in bed. He drools with happiness, and licks the back of my hand or my wrist, in approval.  He purrs, too. He likes the cat tree, the cardboard scratch boards (with catnip), and guarding various doorways, windows, and the sliders. He squeeks pointedly, when he believes it’s dinner time.  Any time after 3 is “dinner time” to him, although he usually doesn’t get dinner until 6:30 or later. He’s quite the gentleman at dinner, and has been from the first.