Name: Brindley Age: About 4 months Breed: DMH Tortie Sex: Female


Name: Merlin Age: About 4 months Breed: DSH Siamese Sex: Male


Name: Caesar Age: 3 months Breed: DSH White & Gray Sex: Male


Name: Hamlet Age: 3 months Breed: DSH Tan & White Sex: Male


Name: Romeo Age: 3 months Breed: DSH Black & White Sex: Male


Name: Juliet Age: 3 months Breed: DSH Gray Tiger with White Sex: Female

Missy (a.k.a Artu)

Artu is so curious and wants to explore everything. She has some very sweet moments and loves to head butt you and knead with her paws. She also loves every chair in the house, perched high up to see what her brother Bailey is up to. She’s adjusting to having a new brother around. She’s definitely earned her new name, Missy! 

Cosmo (aka Santana)

Cosmo (aka Santana) is doing fabulous. He’s settled in amazingly well and even Ty, his new   cat brother seems to have accepted him, and is considering that they could play! He’s the sweetest boy, so appreciative, and awesome with kids!