Smokey has been in his furever home for almost a year. He’s so much more settled and comfortable now.  He doesn’t run from me – he occasionally plays with Tux and he guards our home assiduously.  I think he might have been a guard dog in his last life. He spends most of his day in the cat tree. We have our lovey session after I’m in bed. He drools with happiness, and licks the back of my hand or my wrist, in approval.  He purrs, too. He likes the cat tree, the cardboard scratch boards (with catnip), and guarding various doorways, windows, and the sliders. He squeeks pointedly, when he believes it’s dinner time.  Any time after 3 is “dinner time” to him, although he usually doesn’t get dinner until 6:30 or later. He’s quite the gentleman at dinner, and has been from the first.


Everyone loves Gus,  he’s a Tarzan. He has bonded wonderfully with his new family.  He has slept with  me since he came home.  Wakes me up with kisses.. He is very loved 


Hi, my name is Sully! I’m an energetic kind of guy and love attention.

Cookie and Chip

Cookie and Chip, now Chase and Skye were adopted in Sept last year.   They are amazing with their 5 yr old human brother and he loves snuggling and caring for them.   They have been such a wonderful addition to our lives and we can’t believe how quickly they’ve grown!!  They are so fun to watch together and I’m so grateful we could keep them together. 

Salsa a.k.a Pixie

It’s been only 2 weeks and Salsa a.k.a Pixie fits our family like a glove.   

Bear and Persephone

The cats continue to do great. They get along with each other wonderfully. Bear’s wound finally looks all healed up. Persephone (formerly Nicole) has bloomed into a great cat— she actually loves to have her tummy rubbed and rolls over at every opportunity.


Alex is a really good cat.  He loves to play with our laser and string toys, and he is starting to get along with our other cat Junior.  


Hi, my name is Sully! I’m an energetic kind of guy and love attention.