Loki and Persephone

Loki (formerly Julio) and Persephone (formerly Noelle) are enjoying ‘working from home’


I adopted Dakota last month after instantly falling in love with him once a volunteer put him into my arms. We actually changed his name to Tod, and call him Squeaky Tod because he doesn’t meow, he squeaks! He has been fully integrated with our orange boy, Alan the Cat. Tod loves snuggles, food, and playtime, and pouncing out of thin air at our other kitty. He’s been such a great and hilarious addition to our home.


Name: Daisy Age:  2-4 years Breed:  Terrier / Hound mix Sex:  Female

Ma Cherie

Name: Ma Cherie Age:  10 years Breed:  Poodle/Bichon Frise mix Sex:  Female


Vail is enjoying many naps and watching all the birds and squirrels. 


Lulu/Pumpkin is really adapting great. She loves being brushed, sleeping, and belly rubs! 

Polly (Now Andi)

Polly (Now Andi) was just before Christmas. She is doing wonderfully. She fits right in with our misfit crew (our dogs, Mae and Harper, and our other cat, Reese).  She is goofy, curious and always yelling at us to give her more pets!  She was the perfect addition to our family.


I adopted Charlie. She is giving me such comfort in these uncertain times. Just having her sit on my lap and petting her while she purrs is such a comfort.


Name: Allie Age:  10 years Breed:  Pomeranian Sex:  Female

Anna and Elsa

Anna and Elsa are doing very well and getting along with Tess, their new dog sibling.