Luna (formerly known to POA as Hula) now rules the roost! She and Max are fast friends that take turns chasing each other around the house. The other two ladies just watch them and shake their heads. Max even got caught grooming Luna, so all the cats seem super happy now. Luna is particularly entranced by Max’s tail.


  Luna is doing wonderful! She has settled in very well. She is also the most determined cat I’ve ever met despite her wobbliness . If she doesn’t make it up when jumping onto the bed or the couch the first time or two, she will try again or problem solve and climb up! 


Schnapps name is now Benny after the Red Sox player Benintendi. He is amazing and we love him so much, in the past week he looks so much like a grown boy. He has gotten so big and strong, he loves to run and climb and look out the window.  He continues to annoy the living daylights out of my other cat and dogs but they love him like an annoying little brother. We snuggle and laugh with him every day. 

Chip & Cookie

Chip and Cookie are now Chase and Sky. They are settling in beautifully and loving all the snuggles from their human little brother, who is also loving them!