Meet Thea
A beautiful dog named for the Greek Goddess of Light. This gorgeous girl has had a rough start to life but has the sweetest temperament you could ever find.


MiMi is adapting nicely, she is now named Oreo. She is sweet and sassy and loves to eat.


Lil Annie seems to be settling in quite well.


Jace is now called Mikey.

Mookie and Jacoby

The siblings were named Lilo and Stitch after our favorite Disney movie. They have totally made themselves at home and have fit in very well! They love running up and down the stairs, love chasing our toes! And just hanging out in the window sills! They are curious about the guinea pigs.

Lucy (Lucita)

Lucy (Lucita) is all settled in and equal parts sweet and feisty! She follows me from room to room, head butting me to let me know she wants to be petted. This little girl certainly is a light in our lives. 


Sam, formerly known as Sprite is doing very well, getting quite big!

Josie and Gracie

Josie and Gracie, now Cleo(Patra) and Bella, wanted to let you know that they already have their new parents very well trained after almost a month.  Th kittens think their humans are a pretty quick study for a lowly human, and they’ve settled in and seem to like their new home. The kittens play hard and then they nap hard, and both are snugglers. Unless she’s playing and bouncing off every surface, Cleo is amazingly calm.  She thinks she is a supermodel because she slinks around as though on a fashion runway with her ridiculously long, skinny legs. They have an obscene amount of toys yet, like kids, prefer to play with a paper bag.