Jojo is doing  very well.  He is still shy but will come out of hiding when he sees the brush.


Finley is doing great; he is the perfect gentleman.  His confidence has been growing and he is not nearly as afraid of everything as he was initially.  He enjoys playing and is quite the acrobat.  When the weather is cool he likes to cuddle, he enjoys belly rubs and watching the wildlife outside.  We are greeted by his cute little face upon entering the house and he follows us around like a little puppy.  He handled the recent bad thunderstorm wonderfully.


Name: Tito Age:  2-3 years Breed: Terrier (possibly Norfolk) Sex:  Male


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Lucy (Lucita) is now all settled in and equal parts sweet and feisty! She follows me from room to room, head butting me to let me know she wants to be petted. This little girl certainly is a light in our lives.


Sapphire has been in her furever home for 2 weeks and her personality right away. She loves to play with yarn and sit in windows to watch traffic and passerby. She also chases balls with bells inside and chases feathers everywhere. 5  

Finn and Molly

Both Finn and Molly are now nicely adjusted. They have lots of energy and love to run around, chasing each other, toys, resetting computers and tipping flowers.