Izzy and Sunshine

Izzy and Sunshine went home yesterday and they’re doing great and settling in wonderfully in their new home. The are renamed so that Izzy is now Rollo and Sunshine is Chester. At first Chester was very timid being in a new environment and scared of the older more confident Rollo but by last night he had begun exploring the room and becoming even more outgoing than Rollo. Now they get along great, taking naps together today and even cleaning one another.


Malcom is adjusting great and slowly coming out of his shell. He is such a sweet little guy. He has absolutely found his “human” in in his human brother, Matthew.


Haze (Ozzie) is enjoying his new home with her cat-sibling, Gabbi.  In fact, they wanted to watch TV together for a while.. 


Luna is doing very well, she has taken over the house- running around like a horse and constantly purring. She is the most lovable kitten ever. She loves to be petted and she returns the love by licking you wherever she can.  

Stella and Velma

Stella and Velma went home yesterday  They have settled in their new home comfortably, play, eat and sleep well, getting along nicely with each other and their human owners.  

Leia and Macaron

Eclair (now Leia) and Macaron (now Luna) are settling in nicely! They will sit at the sliding glass door into the rest of the house watching and wanting to explore more.    


Cuddles came home this past April. She owns the house and comes over to me when I sit on the couch and cuddle up to me using my hand as a pillow till she fall asleep.