Bubba and Cricket

Cricket (akla Topanga) and Bubba are resting and are well adjusted.

Panther and Dewey

Panther and Dewey (formally Marley) just went to their new home together. They are doing great and like to play hide and seek together. Dewey gets into trouble a lot but it’s so cute you can’t be mad. Dewey has his bedtime routine where he walks all over the bed, and then he gets his snuggles. Panther LOVES to play with Dewey. They were just chasing each other for an hour vocalizing playfully. Panther also loves playing with the wands and the red lights. He enjoys pets, and he comes on the bed sometimes and will sleep with . 

Smokey and Tux

Smokey and Tux just relaxing together in their new home.


Kenzie was adopted  on April 7, 2018 the shelter, since then her name has became Nebula (from Guardians of the Galaxy). She gets along with her brother Captain Tuna perfectly.


Pedro is now named Gus and he is doing great.  He seems to really enjoy his new home.  He is pretty relaxed but once in a while he will get in the mix and play with his brother Leo (you might remember him as Junior).  The two of them get along really well and while Leo is still a little skittish about visitors, Gus is right there to greet our guests.