Wyatt’s 1st day home


Carina’s name is now Mila because it means gracious and dear, which suit her perfectly. She has won the heart of all her new two-legged  family members. She is slowly making friends with her new kitty sister, Miles. Mila is a wonderful lap cat, and proudly caught a mouse in the basement last month.  She loves to hang out with the family and Miles, and is always curious and friendly when guests come over.


Charlie was adopted on October 27th. He is doing well is enjoying being spoiled. He has now explored pretty much every inc h of his new house , and is a purring machine.


Luna (Hula) really enjoying her cat brother… and the wildlife! Max and Luna are now best friends. Here plotting to capture our pumpkin perpetrator.


Luna (formerly known to POA as Hula) now rules the roost! She and Max are fast friends that take turns chasing each other around the house. The other two ladies just watch them and shake their heads. Max even got caught grooming Luna, so all the cats seem super happy now. Luna is particularly entranced by Max’s tail.