Dahlia has opened up to her new home very well. After hiding under the bed at first, she gradually came out and jumped onto the bed to snuggle.  During the night, she would get down to explore the house then come back to snuggle.  After all the excitement, she is curled up for a long winter’s nap this morning.  She is so wonderful and will have a lifetime of happiness in her new home. 

Junior (a.k.a Leo)

 We adopted Junior a few weeks ago and he is perfect!  Just the right ratio of cuddly and playful.  We actually re-named him Leo (on account of his July birthday).  The first few days he hid a lot but has since come out of his shell and loves playing with his best buds Beth and Kate!!


Well it’s been one year since I got Andrew from you. He is doing great and we have a good time together. I’m so glad I found him,he has made my life better and I hope I have done the same for him.


We adopted Blossom this past Saturday. She has acclimated to our house already, and is a sweet and lovable kitty. 


Hi my name is Hannah. I am a 5 year old Pit Bull mix. I am about 50 lbs and I love to just go with the flow. I walk well on a leash and already know my basic commands. I just love being with my people…

Sunny a.k.a Camdden

Camden now called “Sunny” has made himself at home and is very comfortable and well taken care of. We also learned that he enjoys being petted and having his belly rubbed everyday, he loves playing in water, chasing after little balls with bells in them, and spends time sleeping and looking out of the window at the birds, as well as leaves falling off of the trees while perched up high on his cat tree. 

Cosmo and Luna

We are in love with our new kitties and they are a perfect fit for our house. We named them Cosmo and Luna. They are tolerating the dog and toddler wonderfully and Luna already caught a mouse!

Jaden (now Mikey) and Rocky

Mikey and Rocky are both playing and sleeping together. They love their kitty condo! Their cat siblings, Mittens and Bonkers were not thrilled by their arrival (or being locked out of mom’s room), but after taking all of the steps to get everyone familiar with smells, introductions were made last night. It went as expected. The girls hissing and the boys just stopped and changed directions to explore the house. Our dog, Bella, is in love and has tried to bathe the boys multiple times and they humor her. Today was this first day of feeding in the same general vicinity and it went great! The girls still hiss a little bit, but are definitely getting used to their silly brothers. We are all so in love with our new kittens. They are so smart, cute and fun.

Bailey( now Mimi)

Bailey( now Mimi) is extremely curious, exploring every nook & cranny in the house. She loves chirping away at  the many birds & chipmunks in our yard!  She is acting happy & follows me everywhere….note the 1st pix…she has curled up on the bed & is settling in for the night.


Cosmo and Nellie, our other new cat, are now playing with each other.  They have devised a game of chase and attack.  I don’t know how long my office will be able to handle the destruction, but I’m okay with that. Cosmo and Nellie are now extremely close and push each other out of the way of food, but end up eating next to each other. Cosmo is letting me pet him, more and more with or without food.  It’s still on his terms.  He is also asking so sweet and polite for me to open the door and let him loose in the house which I would love to do, but we’ll have workers here again when the weather dries out.