Name:  TJ Age:  7 years Breed:  Pomeranian Sex:  Male


Name:  Piper Age:  1 -1/2 year Breed:  Labrador Retriever/Border Collie mix Sex:  Female

Earl Grey a.k.a. Max

Earl Grey is now named Max. AKA Maximus, Mighty Max, Maksim, etc. He’s a really good boy. Very vocal. Very friendly. He’s not a cuddler but always wants to be with people and be involved and help you do whatever you’re doing. He does like to cuddle at night in bed. He loves playing with his toys especially his furry, rattle mice, his cat wand/fishing pole thingy, and just recently his favorite toy has been a plastic straw. He’s a great addition to the family. We recently took our first road trip to NJ to visit friends and family and everyone loved him.


Name:  Foxy Age:  5 years Breed:  Shiba Inu, Daschund, Chihuahua mix Sex:  Female


Name:  Josie Age:  1 year Breed:  Chihuahua mix Sex:  Female

Spencer and Oreo

Spencer and Oreo have been in their forever homes for a month.   I cannot begin to tell you how loved these two creatures.  They are absolutely in the home they needed and deserve.


Name:  Sirius Age:  1 year Breed:  Schnauzer mix Sex:  Male


Hi, my name is Sully! I’m an energetic kind of guy and love attention.


Hi, my name is Sully! I’m an energetic kind of guy and love attention.


BILLY IS THE BEST CAT EVER! He gets along with the dogs, has a perfect little personality, and is SO loving.