Carmella has been in her fur-ever home for a month, she has integrated herself very quickly with the new home and with the resident cat Maya (about 7 years old). Maya was a bit intimidated by the new addition for the first few days they were around each other, but after a week they began playing with each other as well as sleeping next to each other.

 Mamochka and Bebochka

 Mamochka and Bebochka, now known as Opal and Onyx are adjusting to their new home. They have the run of the house and are loving it!  First thing in the morning, and when we come home from work, they follow us around.  They like to rub up against our legs.


Name: Roo Age:  10 months old Breed: Miniature Pinscher / Italian Greyhound Sex:  Female


Lasagna is the most perfect cat. Him and his 55 lbs dog brother sleep together, clean each other and run all day.


Malcom is doing great. His new nickname was Ghost! He is a very confident cat. He is very sweet, but funnest of all is he is actually extremely playful! He has brought an infusion of joy and energy into our house. Our older cats are playing like teenagers again! And they have learned to band together to be extremely mischievous about getting into people food and unattended plates. Let’s just say we have become a lot cleaner and we watch our food like hawks now.


Noelle now Persephone, is delightful, but don’t let her picture fool you- she hardly ever sits still. She purrs and winds around us almost continuously. Bear does do his trick and loves the cat scratchers.  He is not a big fan of his toys (except the treat ball!)


Hi, my name is Sully! I’m an energetic kind of guy and love attention.

Leci (formerly Felise )

  Leci (formerly Felise ) is doing great. This shy little girl has come out of her shell and is simply adorable! She love the children and even stays with them during TV time and meals. 

Abbie & Tyler

Abbie & Tyler 2 weeks after adoption. They are so cuddley & full of life. And as you can see- hard to tell apart.