Mr.Lemons and Tizzy a.k.a Blaze and Gigi

Blaze and Gigi are now we called  . They are doing great, and they love their new home. They were shy at first, when we met them at POA, but they are playful, curious and loving kittens who are very happy in their fur-ever home.   

I adopted Molly on Saturday. She seems to be adjusting . She seems to enjoy the quiet. She’ll headbutt my hand pretty often if she wants to be petted! She also flops over on her belly a lot, and likes a toy she can bat around to be dangled over her while she does so (just in a playful mood though)! It’s an adjustment as a former dog owner – she definitely batted my hand away when I forgot that flopping over is not an invite for belly rubs for cats! I love having her!


Whitney is doing great!  


Mickey is settling in well! He’s such a sweet boy and we’re enjoying him.

Spencer and Oreo

Spencer and Oreo, have spent the last six months becoming … well, ALMOST normal house cats, and we are enjoying each other very much. They are still a bit timid but we can pet them regularly, brush them, clean Spencer’s ears, get Revolution drops onto their necks and often get purrs for our efforts. They are a riot in the mornings, which is their “crazy cat” time, and they chase each other all over the house. They still pile up together very often, but as time passes, they seem able to separate a bit from time to time. 


Name: Tank Age: Breed: DSH Black White Sex: Male


Name: Molly Age: 5 years 3 months Breed: DSH Brown Tiger Sex: Female


Name: Archie Age:  10 years Breed: Chihuahua Sex:  Male


Name: Bubbles Age:  8 years Breed: Poodle/Yorkshire Terrier mix Sex:  Female


Today is our 1 year anniversary of adopting Malcolm. He has adjusted wonderfully and is a perfect fit in our family. He went from being a scared “ghost” of a cat to a handsome confident calm fully involved family member. He loves to play and can make a toy out of anything. He is a friend to all.