Caprice update

Almost 1.5 years ago i adopted a petrified young cat named Caprice.  She was re named cappy she was so scared and was in such a tight ball in the corner of her cage that she was soaked in condensation from her own breathing.  In your cat room she tried to climb the walls.  And in my arms she just burried her head in my chest amd trembled.  i thought i would send along some photos to show how comfortable she is in her forever home…  Thank you for all that you do!

Alaina update

I just want to give an update on Alaina.  I decided keep the name Alaina.  She has adapted to her new home very well.  She gets along great with Sophie (formally Sola).  Sophie is a little instigator and will follow her around, poking at her until Alaina starts to chase her.  They take turns chasing each other around.  It’s just play.  I’ve not heard any growling or hissing.  Alaina likes to just lay around.  She likes attention, but is not a lap cat.  One thing about her is very strange.  She is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner.  All the other cats I’ve ever had run and hide when the vacuum comes out.  Kevin 

Update Natasha

It’s been almost a year and a half since we adopted Natasha from POA.  Now renamed Aja (pronounced “Asia” – as in the Steely Dan song/LP), she’s very settled and comfortable here.  She’s still skittish with strangers and goes to her safe place in our closet during thunderstorms, but otherwise, she’s healthy and doing great.  We invested in a nearly 6-foot tall cat tree and had expected our other shelter cat, Isis, to perch up at the top, but Aja surprised us by being the one who loves to climb around and explore the higher levels.  Her favorite activities are batting milk bottle rings around the room and then hiding them, watching the world from her favorite window,  watching Daddy play video games on TV, and snuggling with her kitty best friend, Isis.  She’s become quite the character and is much more assertive and vocal now when she wants food, a playmate, or cuddles.  Definitely not the cowering, scared cat who stayed in a corner until called/coaxed like when we first got her.  We went through a period where our other cat was very sick (turned out to be a food allergy) and Aja was very affectionate and groomed Isis when she seemed to be too weak or drowsy to clean herself.  She stayed by her a lot of that time and now, one will always come running if the other one cries, i.e. during thunderstorms or when we have to give one a pill or flea treatment.  They’ve really bonded and Aja seems very happy here.  Sending along some photos of her and one of the two of them together.  Thank you for everything you do.  We’re so glad to have Aja as part of our family. ~~ Michele & Jim

Sophie (Solo) update

I recently received a voice mail asking about Sola.  She is doing fine.  She is now called Sophie.  The first week she stayed under the bed, but since then has become one high energy kitty.  I think she sleeps when I’m not home and then when I get home from work she wakes up she runs from room to room.  Her favorite toy is a wand toy with a fake bird on the end.  She picks it up and drags it around the house when she wants to play.  She’s does follow me around the house, but still doesn’t like to be picked up or sit on my lap.  Just about every night she wakes me up in the middle of the night to either snuggle or play.  I’m thinking of getting her a friend.  Here are a few pictures. Kevin St. John

Savannah and Natasha update

Our 2 kittens we adopted from you last Saturday, June 8 are doing wonderful and Bridgette our 9 year old girl is doing great!! They love looking out all the safe, open windows from perches or in window.  They spend the night in the bath room and if we are all out.  During the day they have the run of the house, playing with all their toys, looking out the front low storm door or back french door. Our Grandson Hunter 6 playing with his trains running on battery with kittens watching and keeping him company!!  Hunter loves to set up all kinds of layouts with all the tracks he has, even out and down the hall!  Black and white baby is now Savannah and tiger is now Natasha!!  They visit our vet Friday! I wanted to let you know how they are doing!

Chardonnay Update

Hi,  Chardonnay’s new name is Dora. She’s doing very well. She loves playing string and has a little bed next to my computer and she keeps me company as I work. We love her. Here are a few pictures.   Brian   

Jumper update

Hi Sushama, Attached are some pics of Jumper now named Molly; she adapted very well to our home and our other kitten Misia and is loved her very much. Please share with everyone at your center. Thank you George and Don

Simba update

Hi Sushama,I’ve attached a pic of Simba and Holly.  He’s so loving and patient with the kids. If we can get Sophie-Belle (aka Adora) to sit still long enough, we’ll take a pic of the two of them together and send it over.  They love to play and chase each other around the house.  She sure is a ball of energy! Thank you for everything!Jody and Jeremy

Update Sandy

Hi Sushama !!! Thank you for such a beautiful girl!!! Cindy

Roxie update

Writing with a great update on Roxie, same named but nicknamed Roo-Roo.  She had some struggles getting settled in but is now happy and very much at home.  I have never had a cat that values security over adventure so much – she really just wants to be safe and is not very curious, doesn’t even watch the birds right outside her window much!  She is loving and sweet and ADORES treats and wet food – she chirps for it, and if you try to pet her before producing it, she will duck your hand, run to her food bowl, and give an expectant look with her huge green eyes.  When she gets ear rubs she thumps her kind leg like a bunny – it is very cute. She and my resident tortie do not get along at all so I have kept them separated, but she has done well with a friend’s kitten. Thank you so much for bringing us together. -Elizabeth