The Truth About Pit Bulls

The Truth About Pit Bulls

POA has a variety of dogs available for adoption, but have you considered a Pit Bull or Bully type dog? While POA rescues dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and breed mixes, we’d like to take a moment to enlighten you about the often misunderstood Pit Bulls, and invite you to consider those we have available for adoption.

You may choose to believe it, or you may already disregard it, but you’ve certainly heard it…there’s a lot of buzz about Pit Bulls and the Bully type dogs, much of which is negative. The good news stories don’t make the news, nor do the bad incidents involving other breeds of dogs. But all dogs can be good or bad, depending on their training and upbringing, and it is unfortunate that the misrepresentative few get top play in the headlines.

As any fan of the breed will tell you, there are many highly like-a-bull and love-a-bull qualities about the breed. They are intelligent, loyal, and highly-trainable, and they can make great family dogs. Despite common myth, most are great with other dogs, and especially other Pitties, because they enjoy the ruff and tumble play style. Most notably, they are often clownish, silly, and fun-loving dogs, despite their often stoic expressions.

Before you close the door on a Pit Bull or Pittie mix, let our adoption counselors show you how fun, smart, and safe these dogs can be. Click on the Adoptable Dogs link to see our current Love-A-Bull's.

Pit Bulls can even be therapy dogs! Watch this video as POA alumni, Jasper, demonstrates his keen focus on his handler, despite all of the distractions thrown his way. See how he remains calm, gentle and focused, all traits necessary to become a therapy dog.

For more information about the breed, check out the information below.

Pit Bull Terrier awareness links and information:

Other local Animal Control facilities that have many pit bulls (not all inclusive by any means!):

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