Mustafa and George, the Cowardly Lions, who are now anything but,  have very

distinct personalities which never fail to make me laugh.  They are playing so much now. They also run up to greet me when I come home, and come thundering down the stairs if they hear me pick up the Temptations container.  Watching them walk around is hysterical – they’re always side by side like a mini-kitten gang. We had given them proper names: George was named Bartholomew, and Mustafa was named Westley.  We do not use those names.  They are known as Meatball and Ravioli.  Both are snugglebugs and will do just about anything they can to be on top of you.  They love their humans and enjoy chatting about random cat things.  Both are quite vocal – Ravioli more than Meatball, but they’re not shy about telling you what’s on their mind.  My favorite thing to watch is them grooming each other.  It’s so sweet!!!

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