Italics (a.k.a Mario)

“Mario”, the 6 month old tabby who was adopted in early December, is now a sweet, spoiled little “brat cat”.
Mario was renamed Italics, since I’m an author, and he’s my apprentice writer cat. (Job description: sitting on my desk and trying to KEEP me from writing. He does it well, he’s almost ready for a promotion!) He is a fuzzy nuisance, gets into everything, wedges his tiny body into cracks known only by dust bunnies, but he has that sweet little face and loud purr that makes him instantly forgiven.
It’s a full house here- an 11 yo cat, a giant dog, two little kids, and a bunch of fish tanks, and Italics fits in well in our big family. He keeps trying to get our senior cat to play with him, but only sometimes succeeds.
So, “Mario” sends his love to all those who loved him and hopes all his friends at the shelter find homes soon.