Coco Chanel

Name: Coco Chanel

Age: 10 years

Breed: Chihuahua

Sex: Female

Here's Coco Chanel!

Meet Coco Chanel! She is a 10 year old Chihuahua who is looking for her furever home - could that be yours? Coco is working very hard to get her beach body back (she is currently 16lbs and has LOTS of weight to lose!). Coco is an easy-going, loveable girl who adores attention and is a "whole-lotta-lap dog" right now! She LOVES to sleep in and bury herself in her blankets - she would gladly sleep the whole day away if you let her, which combined with overfeeding is what contributed to her current size. However, ask her if she wants to go for a walk and a whole new side of this girl emerges!

Coco Chanel LOVES to get outside to walk and burn off all those extra calories. Her adopters must be committed to helping to keep her active on a daily basis (and stay on track with her diet plan) to help her shed the pounds and achieve a healthy goal weight. Her vision is limited due to cataracts, but she gets around willingly and easily just with some gentle guidance.

Coco has lived with other dogs and is happy to share her home with a calm dog (a canine companion versus a playmate). A quiet home with gentle older children (10 years of age plus) will be considered as would a home with friendly cats. For more information about how to make Coco Chanel your next 4-legged family member, please contact her personal trainer (er, adoption counselor) Tracey at and then complete an adoption application found on our website,

To inquire about adoption visit the dog bio's for adoption counselor contact info or call us at (860) 569-0722.  Please allow for up to one week to hear back regarding your application.

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