Sprinters vs. Marathon Cats

In the world of cat rescue, we sometimes have special cats who are in a class of their own.  At POA we have some cats we have classified as “Sprinter Cats” and some as “Marathon Cats”.

A sprinter is a short-distance runner whose body is ready for speed and power, but a marathon runner’s body is trained for long, slow endurance.

Sprinter Cats – Our Sprinters have tested positive for Feline Leukemia and they are just starting their race.  Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is a retrovirus belonging to the coronavirus subfamily, which means it is a cancer-causing virus. FeLV can cause severe anemia and suppress the immune system, leaving the cat vulnerable to a variety of opportunistic diseases. FeLV is not transmissible to humans or dogs.

FeLV cats generally have a shortened lifespan.  A realistic expectation is 1-3 years.  Cats with FeLV require routine vet care, a good diet, low stress, and lots of love.  Please keep them indoors to protect them from picking up any infection from outdoors.  Cats with FeLV are usually pretty healthy, until they aren’t.  If you are interested in providing a loving home to one of our Sprinters, please submit an application.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Marathon Cats – Our Marathon Cats are our senior cats who may require some special care or a patient owner.  These cats have run the distance over hills and valleys and are still looking for the finish line.  They may have a few health or behavior challenges, but they are still running the race.

While we don’t know how each of these deserving felines (Sprinters or Marathon Runners) will fare, we can guarantee that they will…

  • Bring you joy,
  • Give you lots of laughs, plenty of love,
  • And appreciation for providing them with a soft place to land – no matter how long that may be!

Please check out our Sprinters and Marathon Cats – could you be the person waiting at the finish line to welcome them home?

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