Bandit Enjoying His New Family

 It was great meeting you and thank you so much for Bandit. He’s been a lot of fun. He had a few accidents in the house Sunday, but has already started sitting by the door when he needs to go out. We decided to have him sleep in a crate at night. He cried for maybe 15-20 minutes when he was first put in it Sunday night, but then calmed down and slept the whole night, then curled up in bed with my son as soon as we let him out of the crate in the morning.  The two of them have been glued together ever since we left the shelter Sunday. Here are some pictures of Bandit with the kids, enjoy! Thanks again!  Jaime  

Ferguson’s Wonderful Update

Hi Laura, Ferguson is doing great :-). We really think he likes his new home. We absolutely love having – he’s a perfect addition. He is going to his first vet appointment on the 29th of March and he’s seeing a cardiologist at Angell on the 5th. Molly has really warmed up to him and we think they are going to be good buddies. We actually caught them almost snuggling the other night. He only marked twice in the house the first two days but hasn’t done it since.  He’s going to start working with our trainer in a couple weeks too :-). He’s such a sweet boy and we love him so much already. I’ll make sure to let you know what the vet and cardiologist say 🙂 Would you be able to get us the pictures that were taken last weekend? ~Rebecca  

Cody Update

Cody is a wonderful dog. He loves to be near us. He follows us around the house and is content to just lay around and watch tv or just chill out. He obeys the sit stay and lay down commands . He will wait until he is given the command to eat.  I can’t wait for better weather conditions to take him on long walks and hikes.  He lacks socialization skills and hope to get him use to being around other dogs. This may take some time.  Who knows what his past life was like in that situation. I hope all is well with you. Erik is so happy with Cody. He takes Cody for his morning walk before school and walks and plays with him when he gets home. Cody has a bed in Erik’s room and at bed time Cody follows Erik upstairs and settle in for the night. Thank you for making all this possible. -Rosalie 🙂

Update for Niko aka Bubbles.

Hi Anya, I hope you are doing well.  Sorry it has been so long since you received an update. Nicco is doing great!  He is such a love.  We really do enjoy having him as part of the family. The dark winter nights proved a little too dangerous for our nightly walks (cold and messy too), so we got a treadmill.  I’m happy to report that Nicco and I walk the treadmill nearly every night we are not able to go outside.  He loves it and if I’m on the treadmill he patiently watches and waits for his turn. This week, he started doggie daycare.  Winston isn’t much of a playmate and I realized that Nicco needed some extra exercise and socialization. He loves it!  Now when I leave the house and don’t take him, he barks at me to go.  He’ll be going 2 days a week.  He’s made fast friends there with a labradoodle. Starting Monday night, we’ll be going to a 7 week long obedience I class. It is being taught by Diane Abbot (in case you have heard of her).  I admit the class is more for me than Nicco.  I want to be sure to give him consistent messages and reinforcement. I’ve attached a picture from daycare.  He refused to look at the camera. I find it hard to get good pictures of him either becuase his color blends into the background or mostly becuase he does not stop moving. Take care

Charlie’s Newest Trick

Hi  It’s been a while so I figured you may be in need of a cute video of Charlie (showing his newest of many tricks) and a cute pic too (he likes to stay under the blankets when it’s really cold. He is such a quick learner, it only took me 5 mins to teach him to “wave”. Not sure if you know this but he took and passed Agility 1 & 2!! He was so damn cute on all those obstacles… he had to try twice as hard as the big dogs but he did it! We hope all is well with you!!! You will have to let us know when you will be in Wethersfield and we can bring him to see you! Have a great night!! Jamie  

Three year Lucy aka Kenzie adoption update

It’s been 3 years since I brought Kenzie (Adoption name Lucy).  Still amazed at how lucky I got when I adopted her. I’ve owned Jack Russell’s half my life and been around relatives dogs most of my life and Kenzie is the best dog I’ve ever known, even if I don’t understand what is going on in her brain most of the time.  Kenzie is happy & healthy, loves to cuddle up with people and is always eager to go to bed early and sl eep late.

Odin Update

Hi Laura and Mindy! I know I’ve given you an update, Mindy, but I wanted to send you both a quick email to let you know how Odin is doing. He has gotten much better about chewing on his leash when we get ready to take him out, but we are working with him to not pull so much when he gets excited. He will, however, chew on anything else he can find! Any toys with stuffing don’t stand a chance with him! Not even the ‘indestructible’ ones. So we have to stick to bones and treat filled kongs. He loves socks, paper towels and slippers the most, so we are working on teaching him that those things are not his. He is slowly learning. He can remain in a down-stay for a quite a while now, but gets board if the treats are not coming fast enough. He loves the snow! With this much he doesn’t know what to do other than to eat it! He will eat pretty much anything, or at least try to anyways, so he is always sniffing around to see what you have. And he loves laying on the bed, especially on the pillows! He’s a great dog and his personality is really one-of-a-kind. We love him so much. Thank you both for all of your help and for this opportunity. He has fit into our family as if he’s always been part of it.