Update Riley & Portia (Ceili)

Hello POA, We adopted 2 kitties from you on June 29. Riley had only been at the shelter for a day, he was 7 months old at the time, had been found as a stray in Hartford.  Ceili, known to you as Portia, had been at the shelter for most of her life. These cats have brought so much joy and laughter to our home as they have adapted and become members of our family.  Riley has been outgoing and friendly from day 1 and is the life of any gathering we have had.  He has no issues with joining in.  Ceili has been slow to join the family, as you can imagine, knowing her as well as you did.  She has become a much loved member of our family and while our friends don’t know her as well as Riley, she will put in an appearance at a party although she usually doesn’t stay very long.  When our son was in CT from Virginia for a visit recently she spent one on one time with him in his room of her own accord.   These 2 cats have a lively time playing together and with time are establishing their own relationship with each other.  It is still evolving as Riley gets older, because while he is very energetic and loves to chase her, she has set some boundaries with him to avoid being completely bullied!  She is also starting to initiate some of the chasing games! Both cats seem healthy, they are very active and eat well.  We are learning their food preferences and beginning to shop accordingly.  I am attaching some pictures, which you can post on your website/facebook, as you see fit. Thanks for allowing us to be the forever family for these 2 wonderful cats. TJ and Kerry McGuire

Mow Mow (Bob) Update

It will be one year, September 1st, that Bob (Mow Mow) joined our family. I just want to let everyone know that he is doing wonderfully. He just had his doctor visit, and passed with flying colors! As you can see by the photos, his favorite time of day is dinnertime. He is quite the ball of energy, and still plays like a kitten. Thank you, POA for my Bobby 🙂 Patty Chase

Fernando & Cowboy (Zips & Zig Zag) Update

Hello,When we adopted the now former Fernando and Cowboy, we were asked to send an updated picture. Attached you will find Zips (left) and Zig Zag (right)making themselves at home in my office chair – a favorite place to hangout even if I am only gone a minute 🙂 – second only to their special bedand blanket during the day. IF they are not sleeping, they are snuggling with their respective son or engaging in an entertaining and merry chase throughout the house.  Thank you for the care your staff gave our sons as they received these very special birthday gifts. Rest assured both are active caregivers and the kittens will never want for love and attention.  We look forward to a long and happy life with Zips and Zig Zag.Christina, Pete, Tyler, CoryThe Gruca Family

Ola (Thor) Update

I got a message regarding Ola.  HE IS DOING WONDERFUL!  His name is now Thor.  Hopefully he will grow into his massive paws and if so, he is going to be a big boy.  Our other two cats are really starting to accept him, the older male cat is one of Thor’s favorite play toys.  He is a wonderful purrer, loves to snuggle with us and just be with us, sleeping on the pile of pillows on the couch.  His favorite toy is a large rat that I got at Petsmart, which is  actually a dog toy.  But of course, anything that makes  noise, moves, or catches his attention is a great toy for a little while.  All his toys are scattered across the living room and dining room.  He loves to be up high.  We have ordered a six foot tall cat tower and have a corner by the window ready for it when it arrives.I guarantee he is a super happy kitten who is growing super fast and we are two very happy new Pet Parents! Kelly and Jeff Moore

Linus (Flynn) Update

Wanted to check in with y’all!  Flynn, aka Linus, has fully moved in and taken over the house and our hearts.  He has more personality than most people and is an absolute love.  I joke that he is the first nuclear powered kitten!   He will stop mid-play, run over and love on us, and then run back to playing.  It is clear that his foster family showed him great love and care.  We could NOT be happier, and truly thank you all for what you do. 

Update Josie (Sunny)

   We adopted Josie July 1st 2013. She is now known as Sunny. She’s a perfect addition to our family.  Within a week she was right at home. She’s energetic, affectionate and very mischievous.  Here are a few pictures of our ray of sunshine. Thanks for all your help. The Scott Family. 

Update George (Benji)

 Hello, George’s name has been changed to Benji .  He is simply awesome. We love him to pieces. Everything is perfect!

Lulu Update.

Lulu is doing great!!! She has made herself right at home & spent her afternoon getting to know her big brother (Zeus the cat) and playing with a ton of toys !! She is very comfy on pie couch!! Thank you for a great adoption experience. – Kristin. 

Fred & Ginger in their furever home…

Fred in his chair Fred & Ginger arrived at POA in July 2012 after being left in a box near the Aetna in Hartford. They came to live with us in August. Ginger has deformities in both rear legs and both of Fred’s front legs are missing bones. Their conditions cause them no pain and they are very active. Fred loves to play with his bird toy and leaps several feet into the air. Ginger joins in Fred’s games. Both have even caught mice!  They are bonded to each other, our other cat Meko, and our Greyhound, Hope.  Ginger Ginger watching birds We love them!– Janette Sullivan

Update Maggie

Maggie Playing with a little Maraca that she chases around the room, she is a delight! Janette.