Zizi & Ziza – A Success Story!!

We love our kitties!!  We are soooo glad that we decided to adopt the pair.  They have wonderful personalities and we love watching how they each have their own unique traits.  Everyone in the family loves the cats, but my daughter has a special closeness with them and spends a large amount of her time at home with them.  (she is the one who begged for cats)       Zizi initially hid under furniture for a little under a week.  She came out to eat and use the litter box when we weren’t home or at night.  I could hear her running around after we went to bed.  Once she was here a week she started coming out to see us more and more.  Now she is right there to greet us when we get home, when we wake up, or even when we get up from sitting down.  She is playful and loves to be petted.  She likes to sleep under one of our beds at night.       We changed Ziza’s name to Zella.  She was much more timid at first.  She hid under a chair for almost a month.  One day we came home and when we were outside we saw her sitting in the kitchen window so I knew she was exploring when we weren’t there.  I encouraged the kids to leave her alone for awhile so she could get used to the settings.  Eventually we started bringing her canned food and giving it to her under the chair so that she could associate us with something good.  That seemed to help and eventually my daughter was able to coax her out from under the chair to be petted.  She initially only came out when only one person was in the room and she would run and hide if anyone else came.  Gradually she got more used to the family and now she is always near one of us!!  She loves to sit on the furniture with us and she sleeps on the bed with us.  Both cats are curious, but she is definitely the most curious!       When it gets dark outside the cats like to stand near the sliding glass doors and watch moths that come to the window.  Sometimes they like to jump up to try to catch them.  They don’t seem to notice that they are on the other side of the glass!  It’s very cute!       Zizi had an upset stomach off and on when she first came.  She is now on Purina Pro Plan dry food and Science Diet moist food and she hasn’t had any issues since then.       I wanted to get some good pictures to send you but it has been really hard!  The cats are just like my kids were when they were babies, as soon as I go to get the camera they get up from what they were doing or they move!!       Thanks again for helping us to choose kitties that would be a good match for our family!  We definitely are thankful that we have them!  🙂    Jennifer, Kaiya, and Mark

Carly aka Inga Update!!

Here are some pictures of Carley with our son Nick. We adopted Carley from you on February 23rd of this year. They became best friends and love being together. Although she thinks she is part dog and even responds to “its time for bed” she is a picture perfect kitty.   We are so happy to have her as part of our family, thank you for allowing us to adopt her! She also gets along very well with her big Chocolate Lab brother, Beckett.  Thanks Again,   The Hale Family

Update on Luna(Cayenne) and Mojo (Scamper)!!!

We have had Mojo (Scamper) and Luna (Cayenne) for a little over a year now.  They are both doing well.  Mojo has mellowed a bit (If you don’t count his “relationship” with our fleece blanket ) and Luna has gotten a little more outgoing.  The two of them adore each other and share a mutual dislike of our dog, though the cats and the dog have reached a peace agreement of some sort.  Mojo recently won the People Magazine’s “cutest pet on twitter” for April 9th.  The link is here: http://www.peoplepets.com/people/pets/gallery/0,,20690969_21308036,00.html#21308036.    We love them and are so glad we made them part of our family.  I am attaching a few recent pictures and a video link of them together.  Hope you enjoy them.Susan Mahlerhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC9zcX59LBs

Frank happy in his new home!

Hello,I recently adopted Frank from POA and he seems to be adapting quite well to his new home. He is a very affectionate cat and seems to be very happy. I wanted to share this picture. A few more to follow!Jennifer Guiney

Snowflake aka Ross Update

I apologize for getting back to you so late regarding your phone call inquiry as to how Ross is doing.  We adopted him back at the end of November.  He has brought pure joy to our family!  His new name is Snowflake, for reasons that are obvious, as his beautiful white coat reminds the children of new-fallen snow.  We all just adore him and he is thriving!  He eats well, sleeps at the foot of our bed (as well as naps often during the day).  He loves to play, is amazingly receptive to new children that come to the house for playdates, and he is very loved.  He is very nimble and coordinated – quite an athlete, really, when he bats a ball around or jumps in the air!  We are so happy to have  him in our family.  I am attaching a few photos of him – we have several more that are on my husband’s iphone, and I had been waiting for him to forward them to my email to send with a note, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to write, so here are just a few.  Best wishes to you and thank you for a wonderful experience in adopting Snowy!  Best, Lynda Stone/Andy Zelman  

April is adopted!

April had a rough road to her happy ending but she has surely found her way.  April was very sick when she came to us.  Once she started feeling better, she was ready to find her new home.  Lucky girl found her new family and has a new doggie friend too!

Nella update!

Here is an update on Nella. Hi Laura, I hope you are well today.  Tony wanted me to send you these pictures of Nalla and Shabba.  She is doing well.  She is eating treats out of every body’s hands and she is eating in the kitchen where Shabba eats although she is a little skittish when she is eating.  She has had two accidents in the house, but we are working with her and they were really our fault for not getting up and taking her outside.   She plays really good with Shabba in the house and I am looking up information that is helping me to identify her behaviors so I can help her.  We have taken her for walks.  We still have her on the leash when she is in the yard, we need to fix a couple of areas to make sure she cannot get out.  We did not realize they may be an issue because of her size.  She has been taken to the vet and she had been micro-chipped.  We got the rabies information that you sent us in the mail and we will be able to get her license soon.  She is still a sweetheart to us all. She is wagging her tail a lot.  She is getting used to my husband and my sons.  She makes us laugh a lot and she is being obedient to some commands.   Here are some pics of Nalla in her new home.  Just wanted to give you an update and I hope you like the pictures.   from Melisa

Nella goes home!

Great news for Nella.  Rescued from the New Haven pound after being pulled from a home with 14 other dogs, she was fearful but has been coming out of her shell with us at POA.  This lucky girl landed in a new home with a loving family and new dog friend.  Here is Nella (on left) with her new family.

Yogi gets his forever after…

Yogi the yellow lab went into foster with to stay with POA volunteers John and Dee.  And apparently he fit is so well that in their home is where he stays.  Check out an update from Dee and a photo of Maui (his new name) with his new brother! Maui is a JOY, we have had some rough moments.. shoe…cats….but we a committed to him.  He and Alaska get along great, drink from the same water bowl, even though there are two.  Eating next to each other, Maui always finishes first and comes over to me to wait for Alaska to finish.  Beds are next to each other, Maui has tried to initiate play but Alaska is not quite sure yet.  Alaska woke up sore on Friday and is now on meds and supplements  starting up walking again and I think Maui jumped on him trying to get to the cat.  We have a follow appt with the vet on May 10th and will bring Maui for the visit to meet our vet, Dr Heather.  I gave her a briefing when I brought Alaska in.  We are playing more fetch with Maui now that our walking has been limited, he is a great fetcher. Alas…we are a failed foster….. 

Olive’s happy ever after…

Great news to report from Olive in her new home. Hi Laura- Olive is doing well!  She is a bit anxious but she is good to let us know when she is worried.  As you know she is quite the talker! We tried to make her first day as smooth as possible (even though we were stressed about the events unfolding in Boston).  She had her own bed and crate.  She took to the crate immediately and instantly seemed more calm once she knew she had a safe space that is her own. She does great on walks. She’s already gone to our local dog park and has done very well. As with all dogs who are introduced to a new home there some things we need to work with her on.  She does express some separation anxiety.  As you predicted she has already attached herself to me and does wine and bark when I leave and she does follow me around the house.  She also becomes protective of her food when Cody (our other dog) is around.  We immediately laid the ground rules for food.  They eat in separate rooms and are not allowed in the kitchen when we are cooking.  Considering it’s only been three days I think she is doing well.  I know these things take time so we are trying to stick to our routines as much as possible to help her along. Tomorrow she starts doggie day care so I’ll send an update on how she does.  I’ve attached some pictures and will definitely send more! Best, Lisa