Gus Goes Home!

Gus is doing amazing!  I’ve attached photos of our recent trip to Long Island for Thanksgiving. He’s a very happy guy 🙂

Oscar, The Celebrity at Vitas Hospice

My friend/neighbor Betty O’Reilly said she told you about Oscar being a celebrity making the front page of the Vitas Hospice Newsletter.  I have scanned the front page for you to see just how cute he is.    Of course, I am not at all prejudice but I have to say some 3 years later that I am very much in love with this wonderful dog.  Medically, he is doing well and off all his meds.   He is quite the charmer at the Paradigm Nursing Home in South Windsor where we make weekly visits.  He loves to get on the patients beds while they feed him the biscuits that I supply.  He kisses and cuddles until he has had enough and then he looks at me with sad eyes saying “Rescue me, I have had enough”.  Anyway, the staff and patients all love Oscar and he seems to enjoy all the fuss that they make over him.   Soon, Paradigm will have their Christmas Party and Oscar attends all there parties.  He will be in his Santa costume and walk proudly around the facility.   As always, I am so grateful to you and your facility for allowing me to adopt this wonderful dog.  Have a great holiday with your family.  

Update on Chloe (Annie)

I’m so used to Tiara who will sit there pose for a picture. Chloe does not sit still! She is learning her tricks and absolutely loves to play with Tiara! She is so perfect for us we just love her! I plan on getting her groomed soon but she is so adorable. These pictures don’t do her justice! I need to get some better ones to share with everyone!

Lila and Venus – the frien-emies!!

I realized that it has been quite some time since I have submitted an update about Lila, and I don’t know that I have ever provided one for Venus.  I adopted Lila from POA in March 2011.  At the time, her age was estimated at 15-17 years old.  As you can see from the 2 attached photos, she is still going strong, more than 2½ years later.  She is an absolute age-less wonder.  She has some bursts of energy where she runs around chasing a toy, which is just amazing.  She loves her treats, and she loves to snuggle.  Her favorite spot is lying on top of me while I’m sitting in the living room chair.  Other than her chronic (but managed by medication) hyper-thyroid condition, she is a picture of health. It took some time, but Venus has adjusted to being in my home since I adopted her from POA in April 2013.  She is the neighborhood watch commander.  Her favorite spot is in the front window, where she watches birds, squirrels – and humans.  I think that she probably knows everything about everyone who lives in my neighborhood.  The photo that I have submitted is of one of my other cats, Dusty (on the left), and Venus (on the right).  Both are on neighborhood patrol.  I love this photo because, for years, Dusty would not come out of my bedroom.  She is now moving around the home with more confidence, and she and Venus are “frien-emies.”  They can share space, as long as they don’t get too close to each other.   I am so happy and so blessed to have these cats in my life! Best Wishes and Happy Holidays, Sara Taylor