Update on Leche (Lady) and Java (Pearl)

Here is an nice 1 year update on Leche and Java…both adopted from POA. Since last week marks our one-year adoption anniversary for Leche (formerly Lady) and our two-year anniversary of adopting Java (formerly Pearl), I thought I would drop you an update on them both. Both of these girls continue to be great fun, and to be happy and healthy.  They are proudly the center of attention at all family gatherings, and they continue to be the best of friends to each other. This past winter, particularly in the big blizzard we had, we discovered just how much Java loves the snow, and how much Leche hates it.  Java will recklessly dive through it, and Leche can’t be bothered – she would much rather sleep in front of our fireplace- which she did did plenty this past winter! Leche has a stuffed toy beaver that is nearly as big as her, but she will carry it around in her mouth proudly with her tail wagging furiously.  She likes to sleep with it nearby. Attached are some newer pictures of them.  We also did a little hidden camera video on them catching them in the act of going into the garbage on St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s a silly little video but if you want to see it you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzOhEf29qpw Hope all is well with you and your organization.  I am sure you have made many many families and dogs happy with your work.  We are lucky and blessed to have the two great little girls you rescued for us. Mike

Update on Eva

Here is an update on Eva, formally Eve.Hi Laura, I just wanted to send you a picture update of Eva (Eve). She is doing great! We also have two cats that we adopted from POA and she gets along great with both of them. One, Guster (as seen in the picture) is her new best friend. They sleep together and play together. In fact, Guster sneaks up on her, pokes her and runs away so that she’ll chase him. Its pretty funny to watch! I attached a picture of the two of them sleeping. She is such a good dog! She’s a great listener and she loves the big window seat that overlooks the back yard. It has become her spot. I just wanted to tell you how happy both my husband and I are with her. We’ve had her for only 7 months but she is definitely a big part of our family now. Thank you! Jen and Michael

Celia goes home.

It is with great pleasure that we send off Celia to her new parents, Donna and Nick.

A 1 year update from Parker

We love to hear how are dogs are doing no matter how long it has been since they have been adopted.  Here is a great update about Parker who was adopted nearly one year ago! Hi, Laura – Hope all is well with you and everyone at the shelter…  It’s been quite a while since I updated you on Parker….he’s just a little love and has become a very big part of our family!  It’s hard to believe that April 27 will be a year since Parker found us.  I’ve attached some pictures I thought you might enjoy.  Parker continues to absolutely love his feline brother Obie (many times I see him with half of Obie’s head in his mouth – wants to play with him every waking moment).  Zoe (our 12-year old cat), on the other hand, puts Parker in his place and shows him who’s boss.  It doesn’t stop him though – he continues to try and chase her, only to quickly turn around and try to run away from her – it’s like a sitcome at times! I’ve also included a picture of Parker as he looked when we picked him up from the shelter…  it’s just amazing how different he looks!  He’s still a little peanut weighing in at 12-13 lbs…  has a lot of friends at Camp Bow Wow doggy daycare, as well as on our street.  He commands a lot of attention and will definitely let you know when he’s not receiving enough! Take care, Laura! Sharon Here are some photos…this first photo is how Parker looked when he was adopted.  The newt few show him as he is now (with a better haircut) in his home!

Rusty is so smart!

Here is a great update of Rusty in his new homes showing off how smart he is!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2oCcxWckaUhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_01qgYL9hOk

Duet now Glen Update!!

This is Duet. I did change her name, I’m calling her Glen. She seems to be adjusting well. She was a little cautious the first few days, not eating much, but that ended quickly. I have a long hallway in my apartment that she likes to run up and down and she really loves the bathroom, which is really funny. Sometimes she’ll just go sit in the tub, other times she’ll wrestle with the shower curtain. She loves to drink from the sink. Overall she’s been a pretty seemless addition. I’m actually taking her for her first vet visit on Saturday. Thanks for everything, Jordyn O’Donovan

Pia now Olivia Update!!

Thank you guys for everything. She’s very happy at her new home. She’s being introduced to the other animals slowing and doing great we hope in two weeks she’s playing and living with the other pets she loves her own room but she’s wondering around at her own pace she’s very happy. She loves to chase everything and found a paper bag that if you move it she attacks it and lays on it. This chair is her chair she loves to lay and play on it shes a very happy kitten Thank you so much, The Sidorski family

Tiny Tim (not so tiny anymore!!) Update

Tiny Tim was a 3-legged kitten who found this awesome home. Here is an update. With his new girlfriend Rose  Tim is a perfect fit for our home. He has become very confident and friendly- quite a purr machine. He loves to play and not having his 4th leg doesn’t limit him in any way- he takes on any challenge with gusto! Thank you for connecting us with him. Karen Chilling The king of the hill

Tiger and Talker Update!

Tigger and Midnight, as they are now known, are enjoying some time near the fireplace, trying to get the last heat coming out. Thanks for another two great animals. Zima (Linda) is also doing well. Janet Gangaway