Elena (Bianca) and Her New Home

“Just wanted to send an update- I adopted Bianca in September 2010, renamed her Elena Kathryn.  While she likes to bark a lot and has been a bad influence on our adopted cocker spaniel that showed up a month later, she is doing really well, and we still love her to pieces!! She sleeps in bed snuggled up with me every night. I have been fostering kittens for Our companions, and I am so thankful to adopters who send updates, so I thought I needed to send an update to you.  I LOVE my little girl.”  

Sir William (Sheldon) Goes Home

“Willie is doing much better – we are using a training collar on him and it is working very well. We took him on his 1st camping trip. He loved all the activity with the dogs, kids and people. He took a liking to a female poodle named “Lucky” and met another Corgi named “Penbrooke”. He even slept in his own bed (like a rock) after all the exhausting days! We  were happy & relieved at how well he did.”

Benny (Gogi) and His New Home

“ We just wanted to let you know that our little Benny is doing great!   He fits right in and seems to be very happy.  He gets along well with Mackie.  When he plays, he bites Mackie and Mackie puts him in his place, but he bounces right back.  He hasn’t used the crate since about the 3rdday after we brought him home.  He has free roam of the house and we often find him sleeping (and snoring) happily on a pillow somewhere!I bring both dogs to work with me once or twice a week and everyone just loves him and he loves the attention.   We found out that he does not like to travel in the car.  As soon as we put him in the car, he starts to drool profusely.  Even before we are moving he starts drooling, so I’m sure it is not a motion sickness, he is just afraid of the car.  We’re trying to get him used to it because we want to take both dogs on vacation with us in October.  I hope he gets over it soon.He is getting trained this weekend on the Invisible Fence and then he will be able to run free in the yard with Mackie.Thank you again for our little bundle of joy!   He’s so cute and so loveable.  He truly is bringing us so much enjoyment.”  

Update on Morocco!

“Morocco is finally relaxing more and more! He loves the bed and ruffling up the covers when you aren’t looking! And he loves looking out the window to see what’s going on! I’ve put the photos in order of his first night with us until tonight. He needs some work in areas, but he really is a great dog. We are so happy to have him as part of our family.  :)”

April’s Making Smiles!

“We wanted to share some photos of April with you. She’s doing well and is a very happy little girl!  She’s got such a funny personality!  I had a long, difficult day at work yesterday. When I got home, she ran all over the house, ecstatic that I was home!  When she finally calmed down, she jumped in my arms and just kept kissing me. My bad day just melted away!”

Keko Has Left The Building!!

“Things have been going really well. Alex and Gracie have been getting along. There have been some fights but that is to be expected. They have gotten along really well today on our hike.   Keko has not tried to escape at all and has been really great on walks. Right now he is sleeping next to me on the couch, catching up on some z’s after our long walk. I will send you a picture of him sleeping and some pictures from the past couple of days. We absolutely love him and we are so excited to have him in our family.”

Mia (River) and Her New Home

“Things are going really well with Mia.  She has gained about 6 lbs and has gotten a little bit taller.  But we’re pretty sure she’s not going to be bigger than she is right now at 30 lbs.  She is a very feisty little girl.  She has eaten through 2 crate beds,  4 socks and a plethora of bones.  For the first week or so that we had her, I hiked with her (on leash) and Pacino.  After that, we’ve been hiking off leash 5 days a week.  She doesn’t let Pacino or I out of her sight, which is very nice.  We usually walk with 4 other dogs, so there’s quite a pack running through the woods, and she holds up very well with all the others.  She loves running and chasing and being chased!  She’s definitely a good match for our family.  She’s made quite a few new friends! For some reason, when she gets out of control Pacino sits on her!“