Snowflake (Pixie) and Kiera (Reese) happy in their new home!

Thanks for the call, I have been meaning to send a note on their behalf.  Both are doing great.  Playing w Danny trying to do homework Snowflake my 1 year old also has a name change to Pixie.  She is our “wild” one!  She loves to play and can’t get enough.  She will bring toys to you if you stop playing.  She can also fall asleep while playing, she is adorable!  Pixie enjoys a “good ole fashion” full body rubbing/massage and will twist and turn and make sure you don’t miss any part!  When she first came home she spent the first 1/2 day hiding up in a recliner chair.  Finally Reese encouraged her to come out and play which she did.  By day 2 she was roaming freely within the house.  She did not know how to climb stairs so on day 1 that evening when we all went up to bed she stayed at the bottom crying.  We carried her to the second floor.  She needed help learning how to climb stairs up and down, with down being more difficult.  She figured the stairs out in no time.  Slow but steady she would move up and down.  Pixie can not get enough of the fish in the fish tank.  Doesn’t try to get them but loves to watch them from any angle.  Eating and sleeping without difficulty.  She has put on weight and now doesn’t look as skinny. Loves to lay on people, walk on them and it doesn’t matter who it is just anyone who will give her the attention. I had knee surgery shortly after we adopted the cats and Pixie was extremely attentive and was constantly on me laying and staying by my side when I moved from room to room.  She was patient and calm. (two words that don’t often describe her!) She makes lots of noise and has a gerbil sound when she gets excited and/or is looking for you.  She can’t sneak up on Reese because she squeals! Love her to death and we couldn’t be more happy. Natural position! Following my surgery. I was sleeping. Kiera my 3 yr old has a name change to Reese.  She is quiet, loves to drink from the faucet and can be found sleeping in any sink in the house if you can’t locate her on her other 3 favorite spots, a bed, a couch and/or a cat bed placed on top of the dryer (which is located in our kitchen and is open to the room!)  She carries around stuffed animals a small gorilla and a bear and will often drop them by you, if you leave that area, she will get the toy and bring it with her.  Explored the house immediately upon arriving and climbed from top to bottom on EVERYTHING until she was content with what she found.  Eating and sleeping without any difficulty.  Likes to lay about by people when movement is occuring in the house.  Likes to be held and pet only on her head and face.  Don’t reach for her lower back or stomach, growling will occur but no claws or teeth. She’s a delight and beautiful and we are so happy to have her. Naptime! One sink I love             Both cats have adjusted well and are now natural parts of the family.  Over the holiday they met their extended people family and joined right in.  The both like each other sometimes Pixie is to much for Reese and she will growl and that will be the end of the interaction.  However, you can also find Reese laying around with Pixie cleaning her face.  Both are the cleanest cats!  I don’t think my other cat ever washed herself this much.  They are such a joy to have. Thanks so much AGAIN to POA for allowing my family to adopt animals.  (These 2 are our 4th from POA) !The Lester’s  Dianne, Jim, Abbie, Danny

Update Cadbury (Harley) and Cuddles (Gretsch)

Just thought you would like to see how content they are.  They are such cuddle bugs!  So glad they found me! They each weigh around 8lb.  Gretsch’s heart murmur is gone.  One of their favorite hangouts is the kitchen sink.  They wait for me to run the cold water so that they can drink it out of the sink (even though they get fresh water at least once a day)! Thanks for doing what you do!

Update Opal

  I thought I would give you a little update… Opal and Vanilla Ice are doing well as you can see from the pics.  Opal likes her new digs and Vanilla doesn’t mind (too much) sharing.  They both have figured out their preferred locations and do play with each other.  From time to time Vanilla gets impatient or simply is done playing and lets Opal know, kindly.  All in all they are doing good.    Best, Aprile     

Update Sage (Zina)

Hi everyone!!   Just wanted to update you about Sage (now Zina)! She is doing very well and getting bigger:) She is so sweet and is getting used to her surroundings. She is still not very social but she is getting better.  I am still trying to convince her that humans sleep during the night but she seems to think that between 3 and 6 am I am supposed to pet her and treat her like the princess that she is!! I hope that her foster parents like the pics that I have attached and I would like to thank them for doing such a great job taking care of her until I was lucky enough to become her new mom 😀 Thank you, Chris

Boots and Growler Update!

Hi Sushama, The boys are doing great! They stayed under Lily’s bed for about a day when we first got home, but they are now everywhere! They are such awesome snugglers and they are so funny when they play together. Growler’s trick is to step on my Bose radio and turn it on in the early morning hours. Lily wanted to keep the original names so they remain Boots and Growler. We are all in love. They are a perfect fit for us. Thanks so much for your help! 🙂 I will send a pic when I have a good one!

Update Timmy (Angus Paddycat)

Hello! I just wanted to send an email and some pictures to let you know that Angus Paddycat (formerly known as “Timmie”) has settled in with Mark and me in his forever home and is doing well. As far as we’re concerned, Angus is the perfect cat – he’s smart and funny and loves to snuggle.  Best of all, he and his sister, Joyce, have become the best of friends – they play together, wrestle together, nap together and even eat out of the same bowl.  As far as his mobility is concerned, Angus is not letting whatever’s wrong with his legs get in his way – he can get up on the couch and the bed and the dinner table and climbs the stairs up to our loft like a little mountaineer.  He is a wonderful cat and we feel very lucky to have him as part of our family. Attached are a few pictures of Angus and our Halloween pumpkins – he was curious enough about the pumpkins to sit still, so I could take some pictures that weren’t a furry blur!  Also, there are a couple of picture of Angus and his sister, hangin’ out in the living room during a quiet moment. Thank you for all your help and for the good care you took of our Angus Paddycat when he was with you.  He sends his love and a great, big, loud, PURR to everyone. -Rachel and Mark   

Update Mairead!

Hello. Just wanted to let you know that Kitty has been very happy in her new home. ❤️Gayle

Update Buddy!

By the way,  we found out his name.  It’s Buddy.  Every time one of us passed the bathroom- we would say “Hey buddy are you going to come out and see us soon?”   Then we would pet him and love on him and then let him be.  Well he began to answer us when we said Hey Buddy.  He would give a mew in return and jump out for some lovin.  Well it stuck. Buddy it is and he is doing great.Diane