Bud at Christmas

I can’t believe that it has been almost two years since we adopted Bud (the dog on the right).  It took us forever to get them still for this photo – but he is doing well as you can see.  He has become quite the lap dog at our house. Have a good holiday!  Elizabeth visit Protectors of Animals, Inc

Boost the Kitty with Santa

We had fun bringing our Boost to meet Santa the other day.  Hard to believe its been three and a half years since we got him from POA as a kitten!  Bill and Connie visit Protectors of Animals, Inc 

Update on Ellie!

I’m thankful that Ellie is so sweet. I plan to keep her introduced to other dogs and people so she stays that wayThanks for your help and yourdedication to this cause.   Claire   visit Protectors of Animals, Inc

Hobbs the Kitty Update!

He is a wonderful cat and he continues to grow and expand his horizons with us. Thank you for such a special boy! Thomas and Sheryal visit Protectors of Animals, Inc

Update on Mango and Theodore!

The kitties are doing great with my mom.  She says they are still a bit shy and mostly hiding during the day, then exploring at night. They are always together and when they lose track of one another they’ll cry till they find the other.  Progress is being made.  She says that Theodore found his way onto her bed last night and slept with her and purred all night.  I’m sure Mango will come around soon. Thanks again for your help with them. She says it is obvious they need each other so we’re really glad they got a home together. They have a nice, big quiet home with lots of love!!  Jill visit Protectors of Animals Inc.

Update on Mr Burton and Hobbs

Just sending you some pictures of Hobbs as I thought Martha would especially enjoy these since she fostered Hobbs.  He is very happy! visit Protectors Of Animals, Inc

Lilly the Christmas Kitty!

Hello, just sending you an update on Lilly, she is so happy!  Can you find the Christmas kitty?  from Lisa visit Protectors of Animals, Inc 

Update on Pepper the Kitty

I received a follow up call on Pepper and wanted to let you know that she is doing just great!  She loves her new home.  She is eating well, is super active and gets along great with my two 12 year old cats and 10 month old chocolate Lab.  Her name will remain Pepper. Best,  Heather visit Protectors of Animals, Inc 

Suzie…another happy POA pooch!

Some news from Suzie’s new mom. Sorry for the delay, but here are some pictures of Suzy! I still need to remember to bring the camera outside with me on a walk, since she’s in her element out there 🙂 – Pink piggy is one of her favorite toys (along with a tennis ball and snoopy!) – And helping me rest and recover – she’s so cuddly! – Cute pup I’ll send more along another time of her outside adventures!

Skippy is happy in his new home!

Check out Skippy in his new home.  He is so comfortable.  His mom says he loves sleeping under the covers and is very affectionate.  Also it turns out he loves to sleep on his back which is evident in some of the photo’s she has sent us.  Skippy is still settling in but seems to be fitting in just fine.