Duet now Glen Update!!

This is Duet. I did change her name, I’m calling her Glen. She seems to be adjusting well. She was a little cautious the first few days, not eating much, but that ended quickly. I have a long hallway in my apartment that she likes to run up and down and she really loves the bathroom, which is really funny. Sometimes she’ll just go sit in the tub, other times she’ll wrestle with the shower curtain. She loves to drink from the sink. Overall she’s been a pretty seemless addition. I’m actually taking her for her first vet visit on Saturday. Thanks for everything, Jordyn O’Donovan

Pia now Olivia Update!!

Thank you guys for everything. She’s very happy at her new home. She’s being introduced to the other animals slowing and doing great we hope in two weeks she’s playing and living with the other pets she loves her own room but she’s wondering around at her own pace she’s very happy. She loves to chase everything and found a paper bag that if you move it she attacks it and lays on it. This chair is her chair she loves to lay and play on it shes a very happy kitten Thank you so much, The Sidorski family

Tiny Tim (not so tiny anymore!!) Update

Tiny Tim was a 3-legged kitten who found this awesome home. Here is an update. With his new girlfriend Rose  Tim is a perfect fit for our home. He has become very confident and friendly- quite a purr machine. He loves to play and not having his 4th leg doesn’t limit him in any way- he takes on any challenge with gusto! Thank you for connecting us with him. Karen Chilling The king of the hill

Tiger and Talker Update!

Tigger and Midnight, as they are now known, are enjoying some time near the fireplace, trying to get the last heat coming out. Thanks for another two great animals. Zima (Linda) is also doing well. Janet Gangaway

Sweetie aka Lola Update!

I have in fact changed her name to Lola and she’s doing wonderful. I work a 9 – 5 job and she seems perfectly happy having the apartment to herself all day. She eats a mixture of wet and dry food (fed 2 – 3 times per day) and loves playing with her toys. She will spend hours bolting around the apartment chasing toys and her tail! She loves to play fetch as well – she brings her ball to me and drops it in my hand to throw for her, like a dog! I was worried about her being lonely, but I think she likes being an only child. We have bonded quite well and she’s very comfortable with her surroundings. My apartment has floor-to-ceiling windows and she loves to sit and stare outside. She especially loved watching the blizzard here in Boston a few weeks ago! visit Protectors of Animals, Inc 

Lupa is adopted!

Great news for our buddy Lupa.  He went home this weekend to a wonderful new family.  He will be living with his new human brothers, mom and dad down at the beach. What a lucky boy!!

My Cats from Protectors of Animals

I adopted two kittens from Protectors of Animals. Here’s an update on them and their contented life at my home. I adopted Bear, a black cat with patch of white on his chest and green eyes, perhaps five years ago – I am really bad with time and dates. He is a really sweet cat and sleeps my by side every night. He is quite docile, except when he’s hungry and becomes quite animated to get my attention to feed him! About three years ago I adopted an orange tiger named Trig – I renamed him Jack Kerouac after the author of my favorite book – “On the Road.” Jack is a very loving cat who will jump onto my lap whenever I am sitting. He loves to be held and purrs loudly when being stroked. He (gently) paws at my face to wake me up each morning. Such little devils! In any case, here is a picture of my two adoptees from POA. Good kitties. If the people who fostered these cats when they were kittens are still active with your organization, please assure them that they did a wonderful job raising them and that they are in a good home – very well taken care of. They get to spend most of the summer in Maine each year when they sit in the windows and watch the water and seagulls. visit Protectors of Animals, Inc     

Murray Update!

Waggy as ever, Murray looked great and still the happy boy we all remember.  Lisa said from his first visit there he was very shy and insecure and tried to hide while at the training class.  Even with it all they’re still very much in love with him and vice versa and they thank us for all of our hard work. updated to POA by Matt visit Protectors of Animals, Inc 

Baby now Obsidian “SID” for short Update!

Sid is doing well, is still very cuddly, loves looking out the windows, and sleeping on his favorite chair.  He is picky with his wet food, but we’ve found a couple of kinds that is likes a lot, so that’s good.  So, we’re pretty much settled in a routine, and are enjoying it! Emily (and Sid) visit Protectors of Animals, Inc