Happy Updates – Chung, Kona, Java & Mary

Earlier in October of 2012, my boyfriend surprised me with “Chung” for my birthday, a 4 months old short haired domestic tiger striped kitten that he adopted.  I love all animals, dog lover in particular, but when I saw Chung I instantly fell in love!!  Two months later, he is doing great with us 🙂  His name was changed to Tima, which he knows and responds to very well! He is a very smart little guy, very inquisitive and loves to PLAY!!  The other day we gave him a bath, he is fascinated with water and wasnt scared at all! Tima is very affectionate, a trait that is uncommon for most cats and loves attention from both of us! When Vlad got him in October, Tima was about four pounds and now he is close to seven, if I had to estimate. He always has a good appetite and gets fed only the good stuff, dry and wet Natural Balance which he loveeesss!!  Im attaching a few recent pictures of our little furball, he is growing up to be a very handsome fella 🙂  Hello everyone at POA! Kona and Java and I adopted each other two weeks ago. They’re getting so big, such cutie pies 🙂 always curious and always exploring something new! Kona was soon rechristened “Harley Kona Quinn” and Java, “Fredrick Java Mercury”. Harley took immediately to the little box as a place to chill out and have her own little space.  Freddy’s more open to cuddling than Harley, but she’ll sometimes pretend she likes it and everyone thinks she’s Freddy until he pops out of nowhere! They are the sweetest twins ever.  I definitely got used to seeing these two pairs of eyes first thing in the morning very quickly!  Fredrick LOVES the computer. He is always fascinated by it and likes to climb onto it and turn off the WiFi and sit on the keyboard or watch the screen change as he googles “wlkdjalkjf”.  The babies are all excited and ready to celebrate their first Christmas, and they’re fascinated by the new baby tree. Of course they’ve already knocked off half the ornaments in their excitement (and of course as I am typing this Fredrick tried to help by climbing onto the keyboard!)  They love new toys. They love new people. They had their rabies vaccines done last week and they were such troopers and didn’t cry at all! Fredrick loves to talk though and babbled on throughout the entire visit and car ride.  I wanted to thank you again for helping to facilitate our new family! Have a great holiday, and I look forward to sharing more about the babies as they grow! Just sending another update on Zoey (formerly known as Mary). She is still doing great! Zoey & our 4 year old cat Gizmo are best of friends. They are constantly playing together & snuggling up with one another when play time is over.  Here is a picture of Zoey from today…

Baby, Lightning & Henry – Enjoying their life.

Baby is doing so well! He did get a new name since he’s such a little rascal I am now calling him Rexter. He is eating regularly and well.I give him a can of fancy feast in the morning and a can at night with a small amount of dry food. He has lost a little weight since he doesn’t have the all you can eat buffet like he did when he was at the shelter. 🙂 He also enjoys his feather on a stick it is probably his very favorite toy.  Wanted to send along an update on your friend Lightning, who has since been renamed to the more size- and speed-appropriate Bear. We adopted him from you about three weeks ago, but he’s already made himself very comfortable here with us. He seems especially fond of looking out the window, napping within eyesight of us, and curling up inside whatever cozy spot he can find (bathtub, sinks, boxes… you name it!). He’s been a wonderful and welcome addition to our home – thanks for allowing us the chance to invite him into our life! It’s been nearly a year since we adopted Henry (latest photo attached, on his favorite perch). I just wanted to send a quick note to thank all of you for what you do. Happy holidays!!

Updates on Oliver, Milton, Skylow & Bello.

Oliver was adopted by Bob in September 2012 as a little orange colored kitten. Here is what we heard last from Bob –  He is doing great at his new home. Oliver became comfortable the first day of his arrival exploring the house and checking out all the rooms. He is the first to greet guests at the door and is very friendly to them. Oliver is growing into a healthy full size cat and I’m very happy to have him in my life. Here is an attached photo of him on my(his) bed. Thanks again for all your help. Milton is now Jackson and is more amazing than we ever dreamed he’d be. He often sleeps with us and loves lounging on our large Ottoman. (see picture) He loves pets when we come home fro work and often curls up next to us on the couch. He is eating fine, half cup of Purina a day and some wet food. He loves to play, doing front flips and barrel rolls to catch his bird on a string. He’s sitting right next to me as I type this email. Thank you for finding him so that we were able to find him and adopt him. Hope you enjoy the pictures. He is much loved and appreciated. Skylow and Bello (now Charlie) are doing great! It took them a few days to build up the confidence to come out from inside the boxspring in the guest bedroom to say hi when we were in the room, and Bello was the first one to come out to our surprise. They love nap time and falling asleep in our laps. They also enjoy naptime under the christmas tree. I was in the basement with Bello and there was a loud noise upstairs: Skylow had knocked the tree over, earning his new nickname Skymonster. They also love their toys, including hiding in cardboard boxes, chasing balls all over the floor until they lose it under furniture, and my personal favorite is when Bello drags a dangle toy across the room and Skylow chases after him to play tug of war. Happy holidays! And thank you for allowing us the opportunity to add these two loving kittens to our lives!