Name: Linus Age:  5 years Breed: Miniature Poodle/Shih Tzu mix Sex:  Male


Name: Lucy Age:  8 years Breed: Miniature Poodle/Shih Tzu mix Sex:  Female


Andrew was asopted a few years ago.  He is doing well. If you remember, he is an older cat and was at the POA for almost a year. 

Stapleton (aka Arden)

It has already been a year since we adopted Stapleton (aka Arden). Stapleton has become a wonderful addition to our family… He is so loving and cuddly and just adorable..

Pilgrim and Watts

Pilgrim needed no time adjusting. Watts took a couple days to get used to this new environment but he is now very comfortable and both cats love playing with each other and spending    time together. 

Smokie and Bella

   Smokie and Bella were adopted three weeks ago and they are doing great! They settled into their new home right away. They enjoy the company of their new older brother Starbuck. The kittens have been very gentle with Starbuck and it is clear they had a great start in their foster home! Starbuck absolutely adores the kittens and treats them as gently as his own. The kittens have provided Starbuck and the whole family with great joy and excitement for years to come!

Mr.Lemons and Tizzy a.k.a Blaze and Gigi

Blaze and Gigi are now we called  . They are doing great, and they love their new home. They were shy at first, when we met them at POA, but they are playful, curious and loving kittens who are very happy in their fur-ever home.   

I adopted Molly on Saturday. She seems to be adjusting . She seems to enjoy the quiet. She’ll headbutt my hand pretty often if she wants to be petted! She also flops over on her belly a lot, and likes a toy she can bat around to be dangled over her while she does so (just in a playful mood though)! It’s an adjustment as a former dog owner – she definitely batted my hand away when I forgot that flopping over is not an invite for belly rubs for cats! I love having her!


Whitney is doing great!