Name: Jester Age:  4 months Breed:  Belgian Malinois Sex:  Male


Name: Hunter Age:  6 years Breed:  Cocker Spaniel Sex:  Male


Name: Lily Age:  1 year Breed:  Terrier Mix Sex:  Female


 Coconut is doing great. She is very sweet and loving. She must be part Maine coon, as she has certainly become the ‘big sister’ to Azelea .


I adopted Hopper to be my 1 year-old cat Minnie’s buddy. I adopted Hopper on 10/12/19 and It was the perfect decision!! Now, they are best friends, play a lot, sleep, eat, they do everything together, they just love each other!    


Name: Roxie Age:  3 years Breed:  Golden Retriever Sex:  Female


Winnie lives to eat and explore. We always catch her trying to eat our other cat’s food after she licks her bowl clean and when we try to take it away from her, she scales our bodies to get to it! When she’s not trying to steal everyone’s food, she can be found climbing and jumping on to any high place she can find. Some of her favorite places include smack dab in the middle of our houseplants, playing in the dirt (much to my chagrin). She’s an absolute doll and loves to snuggle and purr every time she’s picked up or when she’s tired and ready to settle down on a lap. Her favorite toy is a plastic spring and she’ll go for, literally, a couple hours once she gets going with it.     My partner and I are so in love with her and couldn’t be happier that she’s part of our family.

Lil Bobby

Name: Lil Bobby Age:  1-2 years Breed: Pitbull /Frenchie/Boston Terrier Sex:  Male