Cosmo Kramer

Name: Cosmo Kramer Age:  9 months Breed:  Cairn Terrier/West Highland Terrier mix Sex:  Male


It’s been six months since I brought Rudy home to live with me. He couldn’t be any happier


Leo warmed up to us within the first hour we took him home, rubbing his face on us and not letting us walk past without giving him some love. He’s been sleeping at the foot of the bed every night. He’s a total sweetheart to everyone he meets and is just the cutest cat ever. 

Anubis A.K.A Derek

Here is Anubis being cute. He is doing well. He licks windows, and plays all day.


Annika pretty much made her self at home.  She is a sweetheart!

Joshua A.K.A Patrick

Joshua, NKA Patrick   seems to be adjusting just fine.  He is very playful, is eating well and apparently likes having a 2 story house because he shoots up and down the stairs like a rocket!!