It’s been 2 weeks now and Watson is almost completely integrated into the household. He and Teddy thunder through the house, chasing each other up and down stairs, then take a nap on the cat tree. They love playing in their cat tunnel and with their numerous other toys.  He now sleeps next to me on the pillow at night and hangs out with me when I’m doing something in the kitchen. He’s quite talkative and doesn’t hesitate to tell me what’s on his mind. He thinks the chef at this resort is inspired, providing a variety of tasty food whenever he wants some, and the concierge is always ready to accommodate his every desire. He and the dog are working things out but he hasn’t quite figured out that the dog is more curious than threatening when he comes up to sniff him. It took my old tortie several years to let the dog off probation, so it may be the same for Watson. He’s a great cat and we’re happy that he’s part of the family!


We adopted Grace a little over a week ago now and I thought I would send and update about her. Well first, we renamed her Mango (husbands idea) She has been adjusting well, the first couple of days she could not stand being alone and she was very skittish of little things, even just the everyday noises of our house. She has since relaxed and love to explore every crevice of our house She Loves playing and running through the house at high speed. She loves to follow us around and be right by our feet, (and sometimes under them!) no matter what room we are in you can guarantee that she will be there right next to us! One of my favorite things is every morning when i go to the bathroom if i dont leave the door open for her she will sit outside and scream until i let her in. Then she loudly purs while she sits at my feet.


I adopted Rosa today! She was definitely grumpy in the shelter, but as soon as I got her home she was purring up a storm. It’s really like night and day! Molly, my resident cat, is a bit curious but mostly content with napping. Since I’m keeping them separated, though, who knows if she’s just feigning disinterest whenever I come out of where Rosa is! I also made sure to give Rosa plenty of mice toys because her bio said she liked them. As soon as I gave her one, she flipped immediately from being scared to being super loving! I really think she’ll help Molly become less anxious, and also less lonely! 

Noelle and Darcy

When we brought Noelle and Darcy home, Darcy was very nervous, as expected, but within a couple days there was a noticeable difference in their comfort level at the house. Over the past 11 months, they have become our fur-children. They are indeed a BONDED pair, as they are almost always together cuddling and playing. One of their favorite past times is to trap me by both laying on my lap. They are so cute doing it, that it’s hard to move them! Darcy also likes to be completely covered by blankets (I think it’s her safe space), and Noelle likes to get her out by pouncing on her. (they are truly siblings..lol)     They can be handful sometimes, but they truly add so much joy to our lives. 


Watson is doing great! He’s bonded with me and chirps and mrow-mrows when he sees me or anything he likes, including his catnip mice, rainbow cat charmer, food and his new friend Teddy. He LOVES two handed cheek rubs and chin rubs. He can be in the same room with the dog, although he keeps an eye on him in case he tries any funny business (although I think the dog is actually more afraid of Watson than Watson is of the dog, having been schooled by Teddy when he first arrived.) He’s eating well, no surprise, and is quite happy that food is available all the time. He was counter surfing this morning (cat’s are allowed, dogs aren’t) and he even sampled the dog’s food, which he quite liked. His sweet personality is coming out as he gets more and more comfortable.

Indigo (Indy), aka Marianna

Indigo (Indy), aka Marianna, is settling in very well.  She is eating well and enjoying exploring her new home. She slept near or on me all evening long.  What a little love, she is!

Night Fairy a.k.a called Penny

Night Fairy, now called Penny, was adopted on 10-5-2019,  she is a year old now. She is full of personality and is very bold.  She taught herself how to play fetch right away and she loves to carry objects around.  She is talkative and churps  all the time, like she is having a full on conversation with herself.  She loves to sleep with me at night and comes right up to my face so we are nose to nose, then she will go down by my feet.  Most times I wake up in the morning with cat toys next to me.  She has learned how to open my sliding barn door to the bathroom when my older cats would not even attempt it.  It didn’t take her long to get along with my older cat either although she is a little pushy at times.  She got loose on me the first day and ran into the living room where the other cat was laying and nothing happened.  When I let her free the first time she did chase the big cat so I taught her how to wear a harness so I could control her.  Didn’t need it for long they get along fine now.  Big cat doesn’t like to always be bothered and she puts the kitten in her place.  Big cat (Abby) treats the kitten better than she does me.

Sadie Louise

Here is Sadie Louise in her new bed, napping by the window. She has lived in her forever home for 6 months now, and she is doing very well. She is quite the chatterer, a very sweet wee soul.

Sam and Dean

The boys wanted to say hi and that they are adjusting to their new home very nicely! They are sweet boys. Sam (now Elwood) likes   to cuddle, loves to play with wand toys, and he has shown us his adorable wagging tail. Dean (now Jake) still loves his white fluff toy and also loves to play! 


Maya is settling in well to her new home and she is a joy! Full of lovely cuddles, by my side, and still enjoying investigating the house from top to bottom.