Salsa a.k.a Pixie

It’s been only 2 weeks and Salsa a.k.a Pixie fits our family like a glove.   

Bear and Persephone

The cats continue to do great. They get along with each other wonderfully. Bear’s wound finally looks all healed up. Persephone (formerly Nicole) has bloomed into a great cat— she actually loves to have her tummy rubbed and rolls over at every opportunity.


Alex is a really good cat.  He loves to play with our laser and string toys, and he is starting to get along with our other cat Junior.  

Lyria a.k.a. Eliza

Eliza is now named Lyria. She is adjusting so great to her new forever home.


Just Sasha being silly.


Goldo wants to meet you! He’s a senior cat looking to live out his golden years in a home to call his own.


Oscar is doing wonderfully.


Casey is doing well, still getting used to things and Spirit is getting used to her but they seem to be getting better everyday.  


Felix is doing amazing! It only took him a day o get settled i and really warm up to us. Now, he never leaves our side. Whether we are dinner, lounging on the couch, or trying to sleep, Felix is ALWAYS close by! His favorite toys are his carrot filled with catnip and his red laser. He is also VERY talkative. Felix meow   s constantly all day and all night!