Anubis A.K.A Derek

Here is Anubis being cute. He is doing well. He licks windows, and plays all day.


Annika pretty much made her self at home.  She is a sweetheart!

Joshua A.K.A Patrick

Joshua, NKA Patrick   seems to be adjusting just fine.  He is very playful, is eating well and apparently likes having a 2 story house because he shoots up and down the stairs like a rocket!!   


Preston is such a GOOD kitty! He definitely is proving to be a lap kitty, too, and he even stretches up to my shoulder and rubs his head against mine, almost giving me a hug. Such a sweetheart!

Patches came home on July 3rd. We did rename him Salem. We have had a wonderful 10 days. He wasn’t timid at at all. He loved exploring. Each day  his world opened up more and more and he is now the king of the castle. He has several beds through out the house. One is right beside me when i’m on the pc. it started out  that we had an empty box from a delivery there  and he proceeded to lay down in it and go to sleep. the bed we brought home with him is sitting on a table in the bedroom by the window. He only uses that one once in a while now. He loves to sleep on our beds especially our son’s bed. Each day he shows us how smart he is. He takes hand and vocal cues and listens intently to us, he loves to be talked to.We get down on the floor and play with him. He has  times where he attacks his toys and run’s thru the house and he is just this moment trying to catch David’s shadow lol. He loves to walk beside us as we move room to room. He will follow one of us this way    than follow another a differ ent direction. He loves being on the window sills but he loves it more when the window is open. You can see him taking in all the smells and sounds . We bought him a water fountain. At first he didnt know what to think of it. but he now uses it to drink water. Sincerely The Little Family


Harley has settled in very nicely and she and her brother are quickly becoming friends! They play together and hang out. They are both so happy! 


As you see Julio is doing great.