Bean and Sumi A.K.A Artemis and Eris

  Well, it is the one week anniversary of our two new kittens being in our house! Bean and Sumi (short for Sumatra) went to their forever homes 1 week ago. They are now and Eris (Sumi) and Artemis (Bean).  As you can see from the photos, they are doing well and VERY, very much loved. 


Olivia in her forever home!


Georgy has fully made the transition to being a member of our family. Here he is keeping me company on the table while I work from home. He runs and plays and talks (and talks and talks!) and loves treats and expects to be petted until my arm falls off. He is no longer the petrified cat he used to be – he is now a bold, curious, playful, happy, tail-in-the-air, chirping, orange love kitty.


Howie has adjusted very quickly, within 10 minutes of getting him home he made himself comfortable on the arm of the couch. He is very playful when we offer him toys, and often comes up to us to be pet.

Earl Grey a.k.a. Max

Earl Grey is now named Max. AKA Maximus, Mighty Max, Maksim, etc. He’s a really good boy. Very vocal. Very friendly. He’s not a cuddler but always wants to be with people and be involved and help you do whatever you’re doing. He does like to cuddle at night in bed. He loves playing with his toys especially his furry, rattle mice, his cat wand/fishing pole thingy, and just recently his favorite toy has been a plastic straw. He’s a great addition to the family. We recently took our first road trip to NJ to visit friends and family and everyone loved him.

Spencer and Oreo

Spencer and Oreo have been in their forever homes for a month.   I cannot begin to tell you how loved these two creatures.  They are absolutely in the home they needed and deserve.