BILLY IS THE BEST CAT EVER! He gets along with the dogs, has a perfect little personality, and is SO loving.

Acadia aka Grace

Acadia aka Grace is loving her new home. She and her cat brother, Michael are becoming friends and spend tons of time playing together. She is fun and very loving.  

Anubis is now 21 weeks old and 7 pounds!!!! He is a growing big boy. He continues to make us laugh everyday, and despite having access to a water fountain, he is fascinated by the sinks and tubs.   


Bella is adapting very well. She is having fun playing with all her mice toys. Bella and her new sister Gracie are really getting along great. They even eat out of same cat food dish at the same time it’s so cute. Bella likes to sleep at the end of my bed at night. She still purrs loud and is so happy!!! 


We have had Sparkles in our home for less than 2 weeks and she’s been a joy!  Our other cats have adjusted pretty well, Sparkles is very sweet! She enjoys sitting with us for meals  which is pretty funny! 


That bit of sunshine on the top left is Reed with his cat and dog siblings. He is particularly fond of the Bassett Hounds.

 Harvey (previously Harley)

 Harvey (previously Harley) is doing so well! He’s slowly being integrated with the other two kitties, when the cats are all together they are very good with each other. Very polite and respectful of each other’s space.  

Bentley and Jag

Bentley and Jag who were 8 months old when they were adopted are turning 7 today!  They are the absolute sweetest boys and continue to bring so much joy into my life. They are both on the shy side but Jag has become a little more outgoing.  They both love to play, I think they own every toy that has ever been invented.  Jag plays fetch.  He will bring a toy into the kitchen and I will throw it back into the living room and he will bring it back to the kitchen.


All is well with Shiloh. He’s a great cat. He and his fur-sibling are getting along perfectly. They play together and wrestle and chase each other around the house.