Mickey is settling in well! He’s such a sweet boy and we’re enjoying him.

Spencer and Oreo

Spencer and Oreo, have spent the last six months becoming … well, ALMOST normal house cats, and we are enjoying each other very much. They are still a bit timid but we can pet them regularly, brush them, clean Spencer’s ears, get Revolution drops onto their necks and often get purrs for our efforts. They are a riot in the mornings, which is their “crazy cat” time, and they chase each other all over the house. They still pile up together very often, but as time passes, they seem able to separate a bit from time to time. 


Today is our 1 year anniversary of adopting Malcolm. He has adjusted wonderfully and is a perfect fit in our family. He went from being a scared “ghost” of a cat to a handsome confident calm fully involved family member. He loves to play and can make a toy out of anything. He is a friend to all.


I adopted Merlin last Saturday and already made friends with my other 3 cats.  He is comfortable with run of the house and a little love.  He has me wrapped around his paw.  

Missy (a.k.a Artu)

Artu is so curious and wants to explore everything. She has some very sweet moments and loves to head butt you and knead with her paws. She also loves every chair in the house, perched high up to see what her brother Bailey is up to. She’s adjusting to having a new brother around. She’s definitely earned her new name, Missy! 

Cosmo (aka Santana)

Cosmo (aka Santana) is doing fabulous. He’s settled in amazingly well and even Ty, his new   cat brother seems to have accepted him, and is considering that they could play! He’s the sweetest boy, so appreciative, and awesome with kids! 

Barley (formerly Owen)

Barley (formerly Owen)  is doing very well and had no trouble adjusting to his new home. He is full of energy and keeps me on my toes for sure! He thinks everything belongs to him and swipes anything within reach. Barley loves attention and is very vocal. He is trying to make friends with his kitty sister Ezzie, who is still not sure about him.


Such a great cat, affectionate, talkative, sometimes sits in a lap, asks for a little petting at a time but not too much.    The three cats like hanging out together, often in the same room with the humans after dinner. So like you suspected, this is a sweet animal didn’t take much time to settle in at home.