Update on Popi

  Hi Laura, It’s only been a week but we’ve made huge improvements with Popi.  He no longer whimpers when you sometimes try to pet him.  He used to cry out loud and crouch down in a total submissive position, or he’d run and hide when he saw your hand coming near him to pet him.  That’s not happening any longer.   He’s now getting used to us putting the harness on him and walking on the lead.  It seems that he’s never actually been walked because he had no idea what we were trying to do.  He’s walking really well on the lead now.  He does have issues where he’s still popping and peeing in the house.  Thankfully, he mostly goes on the pee pads, but he has had accidents on the wood floor.   He doesn’t like to go for a walk at night, which is why he was having accidents while we slept.  He’s fearful of the dark, so we’re working on this with him and being very patient.  It’s apparent to us that he was abused and was never really house broken or taken on walks properly.  He was probably beat for having accidents in the house and then most likely just discarded.  We have no proof of this, just an assumption on our part based on his behavior, especially how he acted after he had an accident.  Poor little guy had a rough few years of his life. But he is now safe, in a stable environment and truly loved.  We’ll continue to work on the house-breaking and are confident that he’ll be able to learn to always go outside. After 1 week, Tata has given in and is finally accepting him as her little brother.  They’re now kissing each other, sleeping together and playing a lot.  Oh and he’s eating like a little piggy and has gained a little over a pound!  He’s the most loving and sweet dog. All he wants is to love and be loved and he’s getting that in abundance. Here’s a pic of Popi and Tata soaking up the sun together.

Bandit AKA Toby’s Update

Just wanted to send an update. Bandit (now Toby because Jayden was getting upset that no one could understand him when he tried to tell them his name. He chose Toby after his favorite character from Thomas and Friends, Toby the trolley car.) He has adjusted so well here. He’s attached to Jayden’s hip and Jayden is so happy.  He’s learned some basic commands, sit, lay down, roll over, shake, stay and leave it/drop it. He really is a smart dog. Leroy our male cat and him are buddies and surprisingly Mollie hasn’t tried to beat him up yet. They just ignore each other.  We still have some work to do to get him calmer at pet stores, but he does great on walks and loves meeting other dogs along the way. We can’t thank you enough and we’ll continue to send updates and pictures. Jaime


Ezri is great. Her transition was seamless and she is getting along with the others effortlessly. She has so much energy!  Kristen and I are very happy. 

Oreo now Penny

Back in June of 2013 I adopted a kitten named Oreo.  I took her home to my 10 year old cat Allie and renamed her Penny (Penelope Gladys when she’s in trouble).  I did what was recommended for introducing a new cat into the household.  I put Penny in my spare bedroom and closed the door so Allie could get used to her smell.  Then I switched them.  Unfortunately, after the separation time was over and I opened the doors and let them run around the house Allie was not pleased.  Allie and I have been through a lot and she is my saving grace.  So I thought, what will I do if Allie continues to hiss at Penny and just hates her?  But I stuck it out.  Allie began to spiral into depression and it made me really sad.  It had been about 6 weeks and when I said, “This is it!  I can’t do this to Allie.  I have to either find another home for Penny or bring her back to POA.”  A friend suggested I wait another month.  I was hesitant because I didn’t want Allie’s health to deteriorate or resent me even more, but I did.  Then one day, Allie was laying on my ottoman and Penny jumped up next to her.  I waited for the hissing but it didn’t happen.  Penny smelled Allie and Allie smelled Penny and then Allie licked Penny and turn her head and went to sleep.  I thought, “is this enough, or just an isolated incident?”  Well they continued to show each other affection.  They still fight, but it’s play fighting.  I’m so happy I didn’t give up on them.  I love them both so much! 

Makenzie (Mak) and Bix

Mak and Bix are doing what cats do- – – -taking over both home and heart.   Bix remains very cautious, but I’ve managed to touch him on a few occasions.  Tried to pick him up once, which was a mistake. Otherwise, he plays, runs around like a kitten and loves the enclosed deck, where the more feral side of him seems to kick in.  Mak is doing well and sooo patient with Bix.  I’m happy for Bix’s sake that Mak is who he is!


Patch is doing well, though. He seems very comfortable. He has been using his litterbox, eating, following me around the house and chattering a lot. He asks to be pet and likes to sit with me on the couch. He will get on my bed but not consistently yet, which is fine. He still startles easily with sudden movements, but much less so than before. I think he’s happy. My boyfriend was over on Patch’s first night, and when we sat on the floor Parch even let him touch him. He has never had a pet, so I think he was unsure how to act at first but they seem to have gotten off on the right foot. 🙂

Callie a.k.a Joy

“Callie & Summer” taken the first hour she was at our house This is Pete, my family and I adopted the Calico Joy (since renamed Callie to avoid confusion with my wife also named Joy).  I wanted to let you know Callie is doing great – she has been very comfortable from the minute she got here. “Callie & Summer” was taken the first hour she was at our house! She is very frisky and likes to jump up on counters and tables, and loves to play.   She has slept on our and our daughter’s beds a few times already as well.    She is awesome with our daughter, and doesn’t seem to mind even when our daughter is very loud.

Taji and Thai

Boys relaxing in bed The boys are well and doing fine. They are comfortable and Taji has a favorite toy he carries around then lays on to make sure it doesn’t get away. LOL Thai loves to be brushed and is a purr head lovey dovey. Taji and his toy