Princess Leia (also known as “bull dog”) watching TV last night. I was watching TV and she went over and sat in front of the TV so I turned on the “So Cute” kitten channel and she was fascinated by the kittens running all over and getting into trouble just as she does.  Then she tried to help my son play his video game with her paw.


  Chloe, adopted on January 3rd, she is blossoming into an adorable spaz with a thing for shoes. She made it on Cute Overload today and POA got a mention.

Bella (Crawford)

The most recent picture of Bella aka Crawford.  She is doing great, growing fast and her level of energy doesn’t go down. 


Elliot with Riley. Look how great his eye is looking! 


Mowgli likes it much better in a nice, quiet home with no other kitties. This way he doesn’t have to share his humans with anyone! Mowgli had a very good Christmas, his grandparents bought him a kitty condo to play on! He also let his mom put an obnoxious bow on him on Christmas to make her happy.  He loved sleeping under the Christmas tree while it was here and staring at the lights. He even put his bed under there by himself when mom and dad weren’t looking!  He loves drinking water out of the sink and even met a doggie who looks suspiciously like him through the back glass door. His favorite chore is ‘helping’ his mom make the bed. He loves to take naps with his dad, and also likes to play with the boring stick end of his very fancy feather toy. Mowgli is a very happy kitty at his new forever home.

Simba (aka Oliver)

 Simba(aka Oliver) has made excellent progress.  He is a happy, very inquisitive, fearless kitten who will turn 5 months old on January 19th. He especially likes to hang out with his best buddy, Molly.


 Mya is doing very well at home, and has become an “ultra diva” :-). She is the only animal in the home and likes it that way. This is Mya resting after being brushed.  Mya resting after being brushed


Mariska is the sweetest kitty ever; she is warm and affectionate and such a wonderful addition to our family! It took some time for her to feel comfortable and not hide under the bed, but day by day she is coming around and we’ve spent a lot of time working with her. She loves our dog Forest and he loves her too. He wants to play though, and she isn’t exactly ready for that. Taking pictures of Mariska hasn’t been easy, she’s still a bit small, maybe she will be a petite kitty.