We adopted Suess from you just before Thanksgiving!  He is very loving and has made a nice adjustment to our home.  Our older cat likes/tolerates him better than other cats.  The fact that he got sick just after we adopted him gave our older cat a chance to “know” him as a calm, docile thing and that certainly helped lay the foundation for a positive relationship between the cats.  Suess is high energy and loves to play.  He has cat iPad games for when we can’t take entertaining him anymore.  He loves to play with feathers, and his dry food, and chase the lazer light….oh my he has a deep appreciation for cardboard and boxes….he really loved the holiday season! 


We took these pictures today and thought you would like to see how Madam Fleur is looking you will see her new little brother Maison the Hemingway Maine coon we just got in December and her big brother Otto the orange Scottish fold they are all getting along great you will see Fleur with one of her classic looks as if she is saying “did I say you could take my picture” Fleur does have a lot of expressions just using her eyes.


Bella had a very calm trip home last night.  I was amazed by how easily she took to riding in the carrier without any complaint.  When I got her home and opened the door she just as calmly walked out and set out exploring every part of her new home without any sign of panic.  She found her litter box right away and her food area and water fountain.  I think she likes having a place that she knows belongs entirely to herself, because she has been marking every possible surface she can get to – tables, chair legs,and arms.  She is a little nervous if I approach her too suddenly, but she seems affectionate if I let her take the lead.  She’s climbed into my lap a couple of times when I was watching tv, and last night when I went to bed she was sleeping in her cat cushion in the living room, but when I woke up she was curled up next to me in my bed.She really likes to snuggle in her cat nests.  She also likes to curl up on the sofa next to me when I’m reading or on the computer and she sleeps on my bed, and I think she’s becoming more affectionate overall as she gets used to being here and to me. 


Our family has received a “precious gift”  –  we have adopted Sylas ! He is a lively, loving 8 month old boy who was in foster care with people who loved him.  Sylas will give us much joy, and we hopefully will give to him.


What a huge blessing my little buddy has been. She’s not only come out of her shell from hiding from us, but follows me around like a little shadow now. We absolutely love her to pieces! She had her first vet visit yesterday and he said she’s doing awesome! Thank you all for connecting me to my newest little buddy!

Cassidy now known as Henry

Cassidy (renamed Henry) has adjusted very well to our home.  Our older cat, Chester was apprehensive at first, but they are good friends now.  Henry loves to eat and enjoys his cat treats.  He’s a real snuggle bug and loves attention.  He greets everyone that comes into our apartment and is very lively. The process was easy and you were great to work with.  I would recommend adopting through your agency over the Humane Society because the of the customer service we received.  Thank you again for allowing us to adopt him, he has been a great addition.

Mikesch & Spencer

The boys are doing great!  Their digestive systems seem to be functioning normally and they ate very playful and loving.

Chloe (now Clover)

She is amazing. Here is a video of her playing. She is super sweet, playful and curious.


We wanted you to know that we are so happy to have Clint in our home! He is such a sweet boy and so full of love. I wanted to pass along a few pictures of his first couple of days with us. Please tell his foster mom that he is in a very happy place!


I don’t quite know where to begin. For the first three weeks, after bringing Toby home, he seemed very unhappy and that was making me pretty unhappy too. People can tell each other how they feel, but cats simply act out their feelings and sometimes it’s not all that easy to understand. We want Toby to be healthy and happy and especially we want him to recognize us as two people who love him and will take good care of him. When I look at Tobey, I forget that in many ways that he’s still a kitten inside. I began getting better acquainted with his behaviors through some good websites for cats, and decided to try some things that I had read about.I mentioned in my earlier email that I placed some “safe” boxes around the apartment that he could go to if he needed to hide. That worked very well. He stopped hiding under the furniture and used the safe boxes instead. That made it much easier to know where he was. I could see that day by day, he was making little breakthroughs in his adjustment to us and his new home. During those first three weeks, he wouldn’t let us near him and he wouldn’t come near us, so we let him be and just continued to be here for him. You’ll laugh when I tell you this, but one day when Toby was hiding in a safe box in the living room, I sat close by and read him a book out loud so that he could get used to the sound of my voice. That was something I learned online. He stuck his head out of the box and just watched an  listened. From one of the websites on cats, I learned a method to try that was aimed at petting a frightened cat without getting scratched. At that time, Toby was still aggressively scratching if we tried to pet him. Instead of bring my open hand down to him so he could sniff my hand and identify me, I only extended my pointer finger. He sniffed it, then shyly dropped his head down, permitting me to scratch around his neck. When he suddenly realized that he was making contact, he naturally tried to swipe me with his claws, but I quickly withdrew my hand, stood up and walked away. It was suggested that each time your cat did something negative like scratching you, you end the activity and walk away. I have no idea why that worked, but Toby was clearly puzzled by it enough that he’d come back to me and let me repeat the process again. A few days later, out of the blue, Toby just timidly walked up to me, rubbed by me, then stopped, looked up at me, and I knew that he wanted to be petted again. This was the first time he initiated it. That was the big turning point with Toby. He’s been like a totally different cat ever since. You probably wouldn’t recognize him today. He follows me around like a little puppy from room to room. When I am at my desk (like right now), Toby comes up to me so I can pet him, then he goes under my desk and curls up into a ball and snoozes. It took me awhile to get him to sit next to me while I watch TV, but now, I often find him sitting there waiting for me to join him. He not only sits with me on the love seat, but he’s taken over the side that I always sit on. That’s his now. He’s become very playful, but being a kitten at heart, he still forgets that the other “cats” in the house don’t have claws like his. And so, I pay close attention to his body language when he’s playful and do my best to anticipate a body posture that signals to me that he’s going to take a swipe at my hand. Every time he does try to scratch me, I tell him calmly, but firmly, Don’t scratch! Then I will stop petting him for awhile to make the point. At this point, I actually think he’s getting the message. Most of the time now, when he taps me with his paws, his claws are retracted. I think he is getting the message that it hurts when he scratches me. In his defense, I will say that as soon as he discovered the scratching post, he hasn’t even tried to scratch the furniture at all. Toby has impressed me as a very intelligent cat in these past few weeks. When he walks or runs, his tail his held high, unlike during his first weeks with us. Then, he walked around with his tail curled downward. He is still investigating things around the apartment, but overall, I think he is so much more acclimated to life here today that when he first came home. My next goals with Toby are to encourage him to let me hold him and to be able to pick him up and hug him, without him feeling the need to use his claws. I think that will happen, but I know if may take more time. I think it will happen when he wants it to happen. Timothy and I are just so glad to see the transition Toby has made from his first days at home until now. It’s clear to me that Toby is very happy to be here with us. We still have a great deal to learn about him as we go along and he also about us, but it does appear as though things are going very well. He seems to be confidently managing a good balance of independent activity with times of closer contact with each of us. One sure sign that he is comfortable living here is the fact that he isn’t using the safe boxes much now. I’ve already removed one of them and replaced it with the cat […]