Ruby and Daphne

Ruby and Daphne are doing great. They look and sound really happy. It was just two days when Daphne was trying to show that she is the boss, but she does not even know how to fight so the fight turned into play. We found them sleeping together in a box. They do everything together and chase each other. They were meant to be together. Everybody is happy!!!

Armand now called Hobbes

In September we adopted Armand. We changed his name to Hobbes. Our hope was he would be a good playmate to Frenchie one of three older cats in our home. Hobbes has been a great addition,


We are all doing great and love having Penny in our family. The kids think she is just “so so cute” and remind me constantly of this. She has adapted well to our, at times, very hectic household but certainly is loving all the attention we give her. She had a great checkup with Dr. Gould at Double A Vet Hospital a few weeks ago and so we are pleased to say all is well!

Gabriella and Marisol

Dear Protectors of Animals We wanted to say hi as we approach our 1 year anniversary of being adopted and we are doing great in our new home. We have lots of fun running around the house, especially the basement where we have our own little door we use to get in and out. We still love playing with our boxes and paper. Laser beams and string toys are our favorites and yes we occasionally get into mischief.  But we always put the best innocent look on our faces so that mommy and daddy have no idea what we are up to. Thank you again for all your help in taking us in and helping us find our home.  Love G & M


 We are very lucky to have rescued Bella (or “Bells” as we usually call her). She had a rough start in life and it was going to take some time to earn her trust. She clearly wanted human affection from day one, but after a bit of attention would quickly turn aggressive. She had been at the shelter for a long time; having not yet found the right home willing to take the time needed with her. We let her set her comfort level, never pushing her and letting her come to us when she felt it was safe. Within a week and a half the attacking had nearly stopped. At her new home with plenty of room, toys and love Bella has gotten comfortable and more affectionate with us as time goes on. I have never known a cat with such intelligence, you can almost see her brain working. After 2 days she had my morning routine down and would be waiting at the closet where the shirts hang before I turned the corner! She is alot of fun as well and has all the energy and playfulness you’d expect in a young cat. Thank you POA for helping to bring beautiful Bella into our lives!

Leonard a.k.a Duncan

Leonard now “Duncan” has gotten so big. He is almost 7 months. He has brought so much joy and fun into our house. Duncan loves to play with our 17 pound Main Coon Flurry, sleep next to us, play with his toys and fetch his leopard ball! It is hilarious. He has the biggest “rabbit feet” and is the best lap cat.


Lyla has adjusted beautifully to life just around the corner on Broad St. I went to POA  “just to look”. Went back a later time and a very nice volunteer, Mary, listened to my best friend and kitty sitter tell her how I really needed a nice cat with a good personality, since my past kitties were not always so nice to her when she watched them. Mary introduced us to a few who were all very nice and friendly. I still couldn’t commit and said I’ll come back. I felt like Lyla might the one to come home with me, but I was still “thinking” and said I might be back with a kitty carrier. A few hours later, I came back, and put my kitty carrier down. Lyla marched right over, looked up at me, crawled in and curled up. She chose me! Manny couldn’t believe it, she never goes into carriers! After we came home, she hid under the couch for about an hour. But ever since she’s been enjoying her snacks, relaxing on the couch, and watching the birds. She LOVES to play fetch and keeps me busy all evening playing. This girls wears her “heart on her sleeves”!  Nov 8 was one year at home and we had a little party

Lucy formerly known as Pebbles

Pebbles, now Lucy enjoying a nap in the sun with our daughter and dog, Duncan. She has adapted beautifully in her new home and has quickly become a beloved member of the family.


Little Sundae is an absolute delight, she is adjusting well and happy. She talked the whole ride home, I’m sure she was just curious about where she was going. She is so playful and affectionate. She is slowly being introduced to her new sister, our little 9 year old Maltese Molly, during some supervised time together and they are getting along well together. We are also making sure both of them get plenty of one on one time with their mommy and daddy. Sundae is so curious about her new surroundings and has really gotten to know her way around and she of course knows right where to go for her food and water. She has lots of toys, her favorite being a small mouse and believe it or not, a little piece of cardboard she found somewhere. Sundae is so well adjusted and trusting.

Sami (aka Elton)

Elton, now named Sami  is doing very well. He loves his new bed and spends quite a bit of time there. He has a towel space on the sofa and immediately figured out that it was for him. He accepts petting and we’ve even had one episode of purring so far. All in all, he’s quite content here.