Scuttle & Ariel

The little ones are adjusting fine. I’m really glad that I brought the both of them home, being together has made the process a bit easier on them. They are eating and sleeping well and playing hard. I’ve become so attached to them , they follow me everywhere .

Linnie, now Belle

    I adopted “Linnie” from POA this past spring. I wanted to give you guys an update on how well she is doing. Now known as Belle, she is a true success story. Belle slept on my bed her first night home and has continued to blossom into a wonderful companion. Belle greets me at the door when I get home from school, sits with me on the couch while I study, and is usually purring next to me when I wake up.  Belle’s two favorite things are squirrel hunting through my deck door where I have placed a bird feeder and playing in her tunnel, both of which have provided us both with hours of entertainment. When I adopted Belle, she was quite skinny, still recovering from being a stray. She has since filled out is and is nearly unrecognizable from her adoption photo. Belle is a wonderful companion for me and I wanted to thank POA for rescuing her and getting her back on her paws so that we could find each other.  

Noisette & Taffy

 Wanted to let you know both kitties are doing great!! They have totally settled in and are very comfortable. They love each other and love to play together.  Both love to snuggle with us too which we love. They both are perfect and we could not have picked any better. 🙂 I can not stop taking pictures of Noisette. She runs the house and is so dam cute. She is such a nut. :-). I love her & Taffy so much.

Simba and Dustin aka Oliver and Sammy

Just wanted to let you know how well everything is going.  Kittens love their furever home and we love them. Simba, Dustin and their new best friend Molly

Gracie (a.k.a Corky)

Never having a cat before I didn’t quite know what to expect.  In just a short time she is adjusting very well. She has a “safe place” set up in my husband’s office and I have just opened the door to the main living area for her today. Bedrooms remain closed. She does a discovery walk and then, of course, it’s nap time. Lol Well, she is the most affectionate little girl. I think she was just dropped down from heaven as she has the sweetest, most gentle disposition!  If I don’t pet her enough she head butts my head and rubs or licks my hand. I thank you for doing what you do!  Because of all your volunteers, who really care about these amazing creatures, I was able to meet and bring home my Gracie. Thank you!

Winston (aka Finnley)

Winston is doing very well! He eats well, plays and still is as snugly as ever.  His name was changed to Finnley, Finn for short. He also loves to play with our dog, who finds him just as amusing.

Yoshi (aka Cisco)

Cisco, Now Yoshi, is starting to fit in at home now. It started out a bit rough with my female cat not accepting him. They’ve grown to accept each other, while not best friends it’s much less tense between them now. He enjoys sitting in the window watching the outside when not seeking attention.

Reesie a.k.a Toffee

I adopted my amazing and wonderful little cat, Toffee (now Reesie) from you a few months ago, and I wanted to do a before and after of how skinny and small she was when we met her compared to how strong and healthy she is now, but apparently I didn’t take any pictures of her in the first few weeks that we had her.  


This is Dianna and my boyfriend and I adopted this baby girl who was named Morty. I just wanted to update the ladies at POA (especially Kim) that we named her Susie. 🙂 Thank you again for this great opportunity, we love our new family member.


 We had adopted Harry from the poa in East Hartford. He is doing great, gets along perfectly with our dog and is spoiled by the kids. We kept his name because of the uniqueness of it and it fits well with a dog named cooper. Harry is very playful during the day, and sleeps with us at night. He eats very well and gets treats every once in a while as well. We couldn’t be any happier with the adoption of Harry.