Just wanted to send a hello to all and let you know that Floyd, adopted lasted month, is doing great in his new home.  He is such a love. He has so much energy and my boys enjoy playing with him.  He is such a great cat!  My other cat has also bonded with him and they are now constant companions. Please say thank you to Manny for helping us chose and adopt such a great boy. Kelly Goulet-Case

Sampson, Delilah and Arie (now known as Callie)

We adopted Sampson, Delilah and Callie (formerly Arie who was found with an arrow through her neck) on February 12.  I just wanted to send you an update and let you know everyone is doing great.  I’m attaching the original picture we took, where everyone looks a little scared and an updated one.Sampson and Delilah accepted Callie with no problem and we couldn’t be happier with the three of them.  I love the fact that Sampson and Delilah are litter mates–they have an unusual closeness that is so interesting to watch.  Callie, who meowed at my husband Ken when he stopped petting her in her cage, seems to realize that he is her savior.There was another applicant interested in Sampson and Delilah, who decided they would rather have kittens.  Boy did they make a huge mistake–they gave up great cats.  I am so glad I saw them on your Facebook page and pursued the adoption.

Ruby Update!!! She’s the cutest little pooch!

Hi Matt! We are doing great!! Ruby is such a little LOVE!!! Everyone just loves her!! Sooooo sweet and loving and playful!!!  Here she is goofin’ around with my niece! And with her best but, Chase….my sister’s Lab. Thanks for checkin’ in, Matt. Hope you are having a great summer, as well. And I hope lots and lots of people are adopting wonderful doggies like Ruby from POA!!!! Best, Andrea  

Great Update on Miss Suzy!

Hi Laura, I hope you have been having a great summer! It’s hard to believe that it’s already mid July! Suzy has been enjoying herself, especially her trips to Maine 🙂 the first picture is from a day trip to Rockport, MA, where she got to explore and hop around on the rocks (we call it “billygoating”). Then in the car with two of Andrews friends (two of Suzy’s favorite “Uncles”), and enjoying some ice cream, deck time with Andrew, and helping the guys fish! She’s pretty good on boats! We love her a whole lot 🙂 I was just home visiting my family, and Suzy was basically asleep on me with her head on my shoulder, and my brother said “you really did get the perfect dog for you, huh?” Definitely! We hope some other cuties at POA are finding great families, too! Megan, Andrew, and Suzy