Anko (a.k.a Tommy)

We renamed Tommy to “Anko” that is a traditional Japanese dessert that is dark in color, sweet and delicious. He is the sweetest cat ever! We know that it took true kindness for Tommy to reach us. I could tell how you truly care for the animals. I wanted to thank you for all your generosity and kindness. We promise to take really good care of him for many years to come.


Huey has adapted very well to living at my house and has been very gentle since i brought him home. His eating habits are perfectly fine and i have not had any trouble with him. I tend to call him “kitty” a lot now and he still loves to play and sleep on my bed usually on top of me while I am sleeping. He also loves sleeping in pillow cases.

Basil (a.k.a Marle)

I received a voicemail checking in on “Merle” was adopted in early July and he has adjusted to his new home very well. He has been renamed Basil (like the plant). He is in good health and is enjoying the company of our small rat terrier, Lily. Basil and Lily are around the same height and really love to tussle and snuggle. They are two great pals!

Arwen aka Snickers

To the wonderful people whom I stayed with when I was little,  Here I am with my new friend Chyna. She looked scary at first,  but she just sniffed me and then let me snuggle with her.   My new family calls me Arwen,  it’s a pretty name. I get lots of lap time when I want it, so that’s good.   Hope the rest of my family found a good home too!    Signed  Arwen aka Snickers

Herbie formerly Louie

Louie is an absolute joy and has stolen our hearts (and the heart of one of his cat brothers too!) We had come in to the shelter looking for a long hair, adult female and left with the complete opposite! However, I know we ended up with the right one for our family! We renamed him Herbie, because he is truly a “love bug”. He wakes us every morning with kisses. He literally licks our faces and neck and snuggles in as closely as possible! It took him no time at all to adjust to life in our home. His favorite place to sleep is on the bed, preferably as close as possible to his people and his cats. He loves to play and loves to be held too. He especially likes his cat brother, Cooper. They play and sleep together often. Louie’s other cat brother, Henry is not quite as loving with Herbie, but Herbie has not given up on him. He shares his love and attention with Henry often, with hope that he’ll come around eventually. We so enjoy our sweet boy!  Herbie sleeping directly on top of Cooper


I just wanted to  let you know how perfect Kia is!! She has adjusted so well and loves her new home. She is the most loving and sweet cat!  

Beamer’s now named Larry

Larry looking very regal with his “brother”. We changed Beamer’s name to Larry and he is living up to the name nicely.  He has a few favorite spots to lounge in the house but he hasn’t explored the entire house yet.  He is quite the cuddler and is very sweet.  He is eating well and drinking water.  

Tiffany (A.K.A “Tiffie”)

When I brought  Tiffany into the house she immediately walked over to the pink cat bed, got into it and said “O.K. this is my bed now.” You can see she is quite relaxed in the second picture. She does play musical beds in the house, as with “Goldilocks” who said this bed is too hard, this bed is too soft, this bed is just right!! The “yawning” picture is one we never were able to catch with our other cats but after a hard day of sleeping she yawns quite frequently and were able to catch it. She is the most gentle animal. She has never even put out a claw to us. She has the run of the house, follows me everywhere, and cries when I even go out to get the mail. She can look out of our sliding doors, watch the birds and chipmunks and whatever other creature that may be passing through. She is just starting to get used to getting up on our bed but hasn’t quite decided to stay there with us for any length of time yet. I’m sure that will change especially when Ol’ Man Winter arrives again. Anyway we love her and as you can see the name Tiffany fits as she does have the life of a little princess.