Tyson Having Fun Keeping Cool With His Sister Crystal!!

HI Laura, Thought you might like to see a picture of Tyson playing in the swimming pool with Crystal.   These two have a lot of fun together.  Tyson has an expressive face and it’s fun to see him so happy and smiling. We are enjoying our volunteer work walking the dogs at East Hampton.  Thank you for the opportunity and for rescuing such a great little dog. Deb 


Belle has transitioned very nicely into her new home. My jumbo cat is very enamored with her and she tolerates his attention. She jumps up at night to watch a little TV and has picked out a favorite bed. She is going to meet her new vet on Wednesday so that we can establish a relationship for her pain meds and pain management. I am going away the week of August 11th and I want them to have all her info in case my cat sitter should need to contact them for any reason. Cute story – The other day I caught my husband talking quietly to his very spoiled cat Lilli, telling her not to worry about Rosie. And that Rosie was nice and even though Rosie is pretty that Lilli is still pretty. So I asked him who the hell Rosie was! For some reason he heard “Rosie” when I introduced him to “Belle”. So we keep referring to her as Rosiebelle!

Austin and Niunia (formerly Aspen)

Austin and Niunia (formerly Aspen) are doing AMAZING!! I renamed Aspen as the names are so close. They are 2 of most amazing cats ever.  Austin is so smart and affectionate and gentle. Niunia is adorable and curious and sweet. They love to eat and play. They are growing incredibly and have changed  these past 5 weeks. They cuddled constantly and Austin did ‘pick’ on Niunia (but more harmlessly then fighting). Now they are finding own personalities. I bought 2 scratching posts which they love. You guys are wonderful! I have said many good things about POA.


Wyatt is doing really well and has become, more or less, the King of the house.  His sister, Joyce, thinks he’s pretty great.  She spends a lot of time trying to give him baths.  (Wyatt would usually rather wrestle than get clean.)  When it’s not bath time, they’ll play together, run races around the house, or curl up for a nap in one of the windows.  At night, they’ll sleep on our bed – Joyce at the foot of the bed, and Wyatt curled up someone’s back or chest, purring madly.   Thank you again for Wyatt!  We love having him in our family! Rachel, Mark, Joyce and Wyatt Hora

Sybil Q Pursey a.k.a Kenzie

Kenzie who is seen on facebook in the red purse has adjusted fantastically. She has no interest in that purse or any others so clearly she saw it as a vehicle for escape! She is so affectionate and smart. Of course the big decision was picking My purse and for that she has shown great wisdom. Beyond that she has adjusted well to my condo and lifestyle. She likes to get up about 4 am but has good manners and cuddles for 15 minutes and goes back to the bottom of my bed til around 7 when i awake. She is not fussy about food but i will have to put the brakes on as she has perfect proportions but could easily overeat. i will end the dry food soon as i am clear after having a diabetic kitty that dry food is less healthy generally due to carbs. i have named her Sybil Q Pursey as she has shown a number of personalities all of which are to my liking except when i cut her nails! She had become accustomed to lots of sleep but i try to keep her moving a bit in the eve as she enjoys feathers, catnip mouse and battery powered mouse on a circular track. All in all Miss Pursey is the feline with the easiest personality of any cat i have been lucky enough to share my home with. For that i am grateful to all the folks who took such good care of her at POA.  i do look into her beautiful green eyes and wonder about her story and where she spent her first few years…big tx to all, barbara


        As you can see, Benjamin is doing great!  He is not quite ready to make friends with Tallulah, but they are tolerating each other. Yesterday was the first day we gave him free access to the house while we were out for a few hours. I don’t think he moved from our bed the whole time we were gone.  I am hoping they will be friends some day – it took her and our other cat a little while to make friends.  I am trying to make sure she is getting plenty of attention too as I can tell she is a bit jealous of Benjamin. Benjamin really likes my husband.  He has been sitting on his lap and hanging with him on the couch at night.  He also loves sitting in the window when it is open.  He has been sleeping with us since we have given him access to the whole house.  He purrs SO LOUD at night.  He seems to be very happy and honestly I have to laugh when you say ‘calming’ collar because if he was any calmer I think he would be comatose. When he’s lying on the bed (most of the day it seems) he is just sprawled out like he doesn’t have a care in the world. 

Loki (a.k.a. Neptune)

LOKI, formerly know as Neptune, is such a great addition to our family. Thank you to everyone at POA for all their hard work, kindness and making the adoption process very easy.

Opal (now Pearl)

 May 21st I adopted Opal (now Pearl) She adapted to my home right away.  She is a very loving animal. The lady who took care of Pearl must be a wonderful person, pearl is quite the talker, and loves to sit on my lap.


 Merry has adjusted very well and quickly. She is extremely sweet, playful, and very vocal!

Maggie’s Doing Great

Hi Laura    I finally had a minute to check my emails and saw you had written to me. I don’t open my computer daily so sometimes it takes me a bit to get back to people   Maggie is doing very well. No problem with the cats, if she gets too close they give a quick hiss and she backs off. But they are around her all day and she seems to like them very much. I think they like her too. She enjoys her new yard – lots to smell and investigate. Our vet said she is in good shape and probably @ 8 years old as you stated. We got her a supply of Heartgard and flea/tick preventative so we can keep her on schedule. Pretty much everything has been about Maggie since we got her. She had a bath and grooming yesterday and did wonderful. The groomers said she was a very good dog but didn’t like the big blow dryers so they used the hand held type. She smells very nice and her fur is clean and shiny. She adores the car and goes to sleep as soon it starts moving!   We took her for a nice walk yesterday in a local park and she had a ball. We are off again today to get her a harness, our vet recommended the Easy Walk and some more treats and supplies. I have a bed on order for her and a new collar and leash.   The only thing we have to work on is housetraining. She is fine all night but doesn’t understand she has to GO outside during the day. If need be, we will get some professional training but for now we are treating her like a puppy and doing basic housetraining with her.   I will try to get you a pic of Maggie but I am not that good at it. I have a basic phone but may be able to still email you something. I will be getting a disposable camera to take photos of her but I will try over the computer as well.   I hope Mae and the others are fine.   Thank you for Maggie – we all think she is a really great dog – very sweet and gentle. She is actually laying by my side right now. She pretty much stays close to me if I am around, if not she is sure to find either mom or dad for company! Have a great weekend! Linda 🙂