Cosmo (aka Santana)

Cosmo (aka Santana) is doing fabulous. He’s settled in amazingly well and even Ty, his new   cat brother seems to have accepted him, and is considering that they could play! He’s the sweetest boy, so appreciative, and awesome with kids! 

Barley (formerly Owen)

Barley (formerly Owen)  is doing very well and had no trouble adjusting to his new home. He is full of energy and keeps me on my toes for sure! He thinks everything belongs to him and swipes anything within reach. Barley loves attention and is very vocal. He is trying to make friends with his kitty sister Ezzie, who is still not sure about him.


Such a great cat, affectionate, talkative, sometimes sits in a lap, asks for a little petting at a time but not too much.    The three cats like hanging out together, often in the same room with the humans after dinner. So like you suspected, this is a sweet animal didn’t take much time to settle in at home.

Millie and Zelda a.k.a. (Cher and Violet)

Cher is now renamed Millie and Violet is now renamed Zelda, although we also call her Z. They are both doing wonderfully. They are both out and about now. Zelda is now wandering around and super cuddly. Millie is playful and  loves exploring. They have been introduced to each other and get along great!  


I adopted “Daisy” on January 19, 2019.  Daisy has been a fantastic kitty, while still crazy and full of life, she has settled in nicely and has plenty of kisses to share with her adoptive mom and brother and sisters.


Screech has adapted very well to the house and enjoys having a playmate she can rough house with. She’s somewhat mischievous and still likes to yell – she’s even taught kawi how to beg for food. 


Bebe, formerly Barbara, has fit right into the family!  Things are warming up slowly but surely between her and our other cat Tiki, and she is so patient with the kids.