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2 years and 1 month old
Boxer / Pit Bull
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Meet Mathias! This handsome, bridle colored lad is a 2 yr old Boxer/Pit Bull mix who is as sweet as they come! A victim of neglect who spent many hours in a crate in his former home, he came to POA 15 lbs underweight and starved for attention. With plenty of good food and lots of TLC, he looks and feels better and is a much happier boy! Mathias is an energetic young dog who loves to play with toys and has a ball romping in the snow like a kid! In fact, he grew up with children in his previous home, and we can see him in a family with older kids and perhaps a dog his size and energy level to play with. If you are interested in adding this wonderful dog to your family, please contact Stacey at stacey.doan@poainc.org or fill or our application here