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1 year and 1 month old
Pit Bull/Bull Dog
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This is Smurf! Don’t let his ironic name fool you…”Smurf” is more of a moose. This big boy is 80 pounds of fun, with a boyish and happy nature. He knows some commands, although still a work in progress; he’s willing to learn and eager to please! He gets along with other dogs, and always ready to play but he is still learning to read their energy better and adjust. He is highly responsive to people and wants attention and companionship. Smurf would suit best in a home with prior dog experience, and the ability to physically and mentally manage a large dog. As well as best to avoid a home with toddlers because he is a clumsy oaf. For more information on how to make Smurf your next 4-legged friend, please contact Kristina at kristina.m@poainc.org  or fill or our application here