Cicero. is doing well. We changed his food and he loves it so much he has gained 3lbs on it.

Sugar now called Pluto

I adopted a kitten named Sugar about a month ago. I ended up renaming her Pluto after the planet because she sleeps in a perfect circle and has the same coloring. She has adjusted really well to living with me and my older cat Kiki. She still squeaks instead of meowing, and she is the most friendly and social cat I’ve ever met.


Dallas is doing GREAT! I love him and he is settling in well.  His calming collar is really helping. I love him and can tell that he is very happy with his home.    


Oscar is adjusting remarkably well with the new house and his new cat sibling.


Tigger is adjusting well! We are so in love. Big brother, Bandit is not quite sure yet, but they spent some supervised quiet time together today after a busy weekend.


Haylee is out and about this morning tentatively exploring. She stared at the dog and growled until he looked away and put his head down. So that’s settled. Poor dog. She is very friendly. Loves to be petted. Right now Midnight and Haylee are snoozing. He’s in his spot in front of the couch. She’s on the couch next to me


Luke keeps a close watch on the operations in the neighborhood.  He seems happy and we are very happy with him

Cleo (Cleopatra) aka Carmencita

Cleo (Cleopatra) aka  Carmencita was extremely feisty when we picked her out but she has done a 150 I would say 180 degree change but she still has some playful spunk to her! She Loves snuggles, tolerates and even sometimes lays near Jade (my mini Australian Shepard) chases after the laser pointer and is an attention hog. Especially when it comes to stealing socks or cloths from my sisters room to my room. When she enters the room or gets near you she must meow until you look at her presenting her catch and victory stalks across the room. I swear with the amount of cloths I wake up or come home to in my room I swear she thinks I’m unable to dress myself. She has been an amazing kitty and I am so happy we were able to take her home and make her a part of our family.  


Hi everyone, it’s Miso! I’m doing well in my new home, my big brother and I are still not too fond of each other, but we’re working through our differences. I certainly prefer his food and water over mine. I love to jump on top of the cabinets and refrigerator to get the best view. I also like to hide under my moms bed, it’s a big scary 12lbs brother that I have. I think I’ve stolen 3 hair ties already but I have no idea where they are! Just wanted to say hello!! Love,Miso